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MTG Duskmourn release date, card spoilers, and latest news

Find out the Duskmourn release dates, and see the latest cards, or read new details about this Magic: The Gathering set in our extensive guide.

MTG Duskmourn artwork showing a demonic character, with two cards placed on top of the image

What is the MTG Duskmourn release date? This horror-inspired set, which takes place entirely within one supernatural haunted mansion, will be the final premier set release of 2024. Below you’ll find a timeline of the key dates for Duskmourn: House of Horror, as well as up to date news on the set and the first spooky spoilers.

Duskmourn comes out surprisingly soon, its nightmares unleashed just one month after the whiskers and whimsy of Bloomburrow. To see where this MTG set fits in among the rest of the year’s products, check out our MTG release schedule guide.

MTG Duskmourn release dates

We now know that the global MTG Duskmourn release date is September 27. The information was first revealed in an article on the game’s Japanese website. It will be available to preorder from June 28.

While it makes sense to have the horror set out well before Halloween, this is a surprisingly early date for 2024’s fourth premier set – we’ve grown used to the final ‘main’ set of the year arriving in November.

Duskmourn release date list

As you can see from the chart above, Duskmourn previews will be cropping up as early as the first week of September, with the debut taking place on August 31.

Prerelease events are due to run from September 20, and the MTG Arena release takes place a couple of days later, on September 24.

MTG Duskmourn art showing a smiling boiler demon with lots of eyes and teeth

MTG Duskmourn spoilers

We’re expecting more Duskmourn spoilers very soon, but we’ve already been shown the first couple of cards from the set.

The MTG Duskmourn card Overlord of the Hauntwoods

Overlord Cycle

As we’ve seen art for Overlord of the Boilerbilges, and the card for Overlord of the Hauntwoods, logic holds that this is a cycle of Avatar Horrors – it’s likely that each one will have this new Bestow keyword, whatever that means.

Overlord of the Hauntwoods has a strange ability. It creates a colorless land token that is every basic land type whenever it enters the battlefield or attacks.

The MTG card Enduring Tenacity, a golden snake glimmer

Enduring Cycle

This is another cycle, of animal ‘glimmer’ creatures that come back as enchantments after they die. The first we’ve seen, Enduring Tenacity, is pretty exciting – it’s cheaper Sanguine Bond! Perhaps each card in this cycle will relate to an existing, iconic enchantment.

Duskmourn card Leyline of Hope

Leyline Cycle

Duskmourn also has a new cycle of leyline enchantments, which you can place onto the battlefield for free if they’re in your opening hand. This one combines two classic life-gain abilities, both from MTG Angels. The extra life gain affect comes from Angel of Vitality, the creature buff comes from Righteous Valkyrie.

MTG Duskmourn eyeball monster

MTG Duskmourn Commander decks

Right now, we only have teasers about the Duskmourn Commander decks. They are:

Commander deck Colors Commander Teaser
Miracle Worker Blue/Black/White Aminatou See the Future, Cast Miracles
Jump Scare! Blue/Green Zimone Tricky Instants, Mysterious Face-down Cards
Death Toll Black/Green Winter Fill your Graveyard, Reanimate Monsters
Endless Punishment Black/Red Valvagoth Punish your Opponents, Make them Pay

We can only theorize about what these decks could be, but the teaser text on each one gives a big clue.

MTG Duskmourn commander deck

Miracle Worker must have the Miracle mechanic, while Death Toll is clearly a Golgari reanimation deck. Jump Scare is playing with Instants, perhaps split-second instants – and face-down permanents, while Endless Punishment sounds like it’ll be making people pay life.

Duskmourn is also bringing back the Archenemy game mode, allowing one player to become the Big Bad of your Commander table. Each deck will come with 10 devious Scheme cards, which can power up a player to a disgusting degree, and make a dogpile into a fair fight.

MTG Duskmourn art showing two characters standing back to back in a very haunted lobby

MTG Duskmourn story

Dusmourn is an MTG Plane that has been entirely consumed by a gigantic, ever-shifting mansion. The architect behind this is an insectile, oddly moth-themed demon named Valgavoth, who eats fear.

The house of Duskmourn is so vast it forms biomes, each one seemingly tied to a color of mana. We’ll explore echoing white-stone rooms of the Mistmoors and waterlogged, static-filled, blue-aligned rooms of The Floodpits.

MTG Duskmourn house

We’ll see rotting basements in the Balemurk, and explore the oddly tree-filled Hauntwoods, and the swelteringly hot and destructive Boilerbilges.

Back in April, we found out which MTG planeswalker would appear in the set – or so we thought. Kaito is in the set, seen in the artwork above helping out a new character named Winter. This piece also gives us a better look at what clearly seems to be a P.K.E meter from Ghostbusters, or Magic’s take on one at any rate.

MTG Duskmourn art showing the wanderer

But it turns out there are plenty of other well-known characters appearing in the set too. The Wanderer, Tyvo, Niko, and Zimone are all here. We’ve seen the creature card for the last already, and Zimone was never a planeswalker – but we don’t yet know whose been desparked.


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