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Super flexible new MTG card sees 260% price spike

The new Magic: The Gathering card Kozilek's Command is spiking in price - this unusual Eldrazi card is not a gigantic creature, but a flexible modal spell.

The MTG card Kozileks Command on a background with Kozilek

We’ve spotted yet another MTG card rising in value after Modern Horizons 3’s release last week. This time it’s the Eldrazi instant spell, Kozilek’s Command. Valued at $5.10 on June 14, demand for this card has shot up, and copies are now going for 262% more, selling at $18.50, according to MTG Goldfish.

Amidst the flashier releases like the flip walkers and new Eldrazi titans, there wasn’t much excitement about this little modal instant card when it was first previewed. On its face, Kozilek’s Command seems like a pretty bad rate for the effects you get, but it is at lest super flexible, operating as card selection, removal, graveyard hate, and ramp in one package.

The MTG card Kozilek's Command.

There are two formats currently making use of the card, which is contributing to this price spike. The first is Modern, where Kozilek’s Command is seeing play in Tron Eldrazi decks. Colorless decks tend to have limited options, especially when it comes to removal, so a flexible card like this can do wonders for their consistency. Tron decks can also generate a ton of mana, so don’t mind paying a little bit above rate.

There are also new Modern Eldrazi decks that want to cheat out a 15-mana Emrakul with Through the Breach. The card selection section of Kozilek’s Command is vital here, helping you get the right cards into your hand to pull off the combo.

These decks also run a couple copies of the new Ulamog, and Kozilek’s Command can power it up, exiling an Emrakul from your own graveyard to give Ulamog 15 counters and Annihilator 15.

The MTG card Ulamog The Defiler

So Modern players are one group that’s buying up Kozilek’s Command, but there are also a couple of new MTG commanders that can make really good use of the card.

This instant is an amazing fit for both legendary creatures in the new Commander precon deck, Eldrazi Incursion.

in Ulalek, Fused Atrocity, it’s an Eldrazi spell that Ulalek can copy, but also an instant. That means you can cast it before other spells resolve and trigger Ulalek to copy everything on the Stack. There’s probably a way to go infinite with this, but it’s a Friday, so I’m not tangling my brain up figuring it out right now.

The MTG card Azlask, The Swelling Scourge

The card is arguably an even better fit for Azlask, The Swelling Scourge, since that deck cares about Eldrazi spawn, and Kozilek’s Command makes a ton of them. They can all be buffed up and given Indestructible and Annihilator 1 by Azlask, or just used as MTG mana ramp in order to gain experience counters and set Azlask up for a killer turn later on.

We’re keen to see how the Modern meta settles in the coming weeks. Will a new Eldrazi deck come to the fore, or will the usual decks like Yawgmoth and Amulet Titan retain their thrones?

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