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Assassin’s Creed pirate MTG card sees 500% price spike

The MTG Assassin's Creed card Edward Kenway is spiking hard, thanks to its popularity in new EDH decks, and as a commander in its own right.

The Assassin’s Creed MTG set came out on Friday, and already we’re seeing a few cards jump up in value. The pirate protagonist Edward Kenway was estimated at just $5.70 when the card released on June 5th, but has since seen a price spike of 505%. It now costs around $34.50 according to MTG Goldfish, though interestingly foil copies seem way cheaper, at just $20 a pop.

A powerful new addition to aggressive pirate EDH decks, Edward Kenway creates treasure tokens at the end of your turn for each tapped pirate or assassin you control. If you happen to have any Vehicles in your deck, you can also use these with Kenway for impulse draw.

The treasure-making effect alone makes Kenway a decent choice to slot into existing pirate commanders, namely both versions of Admiral Brass. But it seems like he’s becoming a popular MTG commander in his own right, with over 1,300 decks already logged on EDHREC. If none of the existing Grixis pirate commanders float your boat, Kenway is looking like a powerful, and very easy-to-build-around alternative.

It also helps that Edward Kenway’s main effect works not just with pirates, but with assassins, too. This means he synergizes well with most of the other Assassin’s Creed cards. Most notably, it means he’s pretty much an automatic inclusion in an Ezio deck – and this is the other breakaway commander from the set, with more than 2,500 decks logged so far.

Even despite the card finding purchase in quite a few places, we’re a little bit surprised to see Edward Kenway fetching quite such high prices. It could be that Universes Beyond-related star power is lifting the value – Black Flag is one of the best-liked AC games, after all. Or it may just be that not many packs of MTG Assassin’s Creed have been opened yet, in which case we’d expect to see values come back down again pretty soon.

I might’ve found MTG Assassin’s Creed uninspiring, but there are at least a few cards that can help pay for the price of a pack. This legendary creature is particularly interesting, for instance, as it’s just an uncommon and has blown up to $13 already.

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