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New Planeswalker MTG card sees 220% price spike

Another planeswalker Magic: The Gathering card from Modern Horizons 3 is spiking, as players enjoy the lifegain and burn power of Sorin.

The MTG planeswalker Sorin Markov

A new planeswalker MTG card from Modern Horizons 3 has leaped up in price. Fans are hyped for Sorin of House Markov, part of the ‘flipwalker’ cycle from the new set. Upon MH3’s release on June 14, this card was valued at $9. Now, less than two weeks later, it’s sitting at $28.50, according to MTG Goldfish’s price tracker. That’s an increase of 217%.

This MTG planeswalker card packs a lot of power for a two mana card. It starts out as a lifelinking 1/4 that can drain opponents further with the Extort keyword. But you only have to gain three life before your postcombat main phase to flip Sorin to his Ravenous Neonate form. At this point he can make food, convert life gained into damage, and even steal a creature if you can pull off his ultimate.

The MTG card Sorin of House Markov

A pretty flexible and powerful card then, and it looks as though there are two basic Modern archetypes players are slotting Sorin into, a mono black deck and a Mardu (red/white/black) deck.

Spoilers, they’re both running the backbreaking Grief scam strategy that has plagued Modern ever since Modern Horizons 2 came out – for anyone not aware, that’s evoking Grief, then playing Ephemerate or Malakir Rebirth to bring it back and get two copies of the card-stealing trigger, plus a relevant creature, all for just one mana.

The mono black deck is pretty much the same as it ever was, but with Sorin bolted on: Sheoldred, Orcish Bowmasters, and the Grief package all feature.

The MTG card Sorin Ravenous Neonate

Meanwhile the Mardu deck that players are running – shared on Twitter by user SoIMBAGallade – has a load of different MH3 cards in it. Players are using Phlage and Guide of Souls to activate Sorin, and also running the new Ajani walker. Beyond that, it’s basically just a big midrange pile of the very best Modern-legal cards in these colors – with many of the usual suspects.

This is the second Modern Horizons 3 planeswalker to see a really big price bump – the first being Ral. Right now, this flipwalker cycle is looking to be one of the most valuable inclusions in the set.

However, it seems like Sorin of House Markov is in a pretty volatile spot. While previously, it was clearly underrated, it may now have been overhyped, as yesterday the card looks to have peaked at $38.10, before falling back down ten dollars. Whether it spikes back up will depend largely on how Modern Sorin decks perform going forwards.

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