MTG Commander Masters release date, spoilers, news

In August, MTG Commander Masters provides a stack of reprints and some funky new commanders - from release date to spoilers, here's what we know.

MTG Commander Masters artwork of a giant dragon on a green background, surrounded by smaller dragons

Commander Masters is an upcoming expansion for Magic: The Gathering focused on its casual multiplayer format Commander. Just like other Masters sets, it will feature sought after reprints for players looking to expand their collection. But unlike those sets, MTG Commander Masters is specifically designed for EDH, full of cards for players to pop in their Commander decks.

Arriving in August, this MTG set will have reprints of highly expensive MTG cards like The Ur-Dragon and Jewelled Lotus. Wizards is also selling some snazzy looking Commander deck precons alongside Commander Masters draft, set, and collector boosters, including a five-color deck for Slivers and a colorless deck for Eldrazi. Each of these will have ten brand new cards, including all new MTG commanders to lead them.

Now that MTG Lord of the Rings is out of the way, Commander Masters is the very next MTG set. Check out our MTG release schedule to see where it fits in, nestled between the last Universes Beyond set, and Wilds of Eldraine. Or read on to learn MTG Commander Masters’ release date, see spoilers, and discover everything we know so far.

MTG Commander Masters - a large dragon head viewed from the side.

MTG Commander Masters release date

August 4 is the release date for MTG Commander Masters, when it’ll be available to a global audience. Before that, there’ll be preview events at select WPN stores from July 28 – 30. This one’s not coming to MTG Arena, as the platform doesn’t have a Commander game mode, so there’s no digital release date to worry about.

As for Commander Masters spoiler season, well it’s here right now. Previews begin on July 11, and the whole set should be spoiled by July 18. The four precon decks are believed to have the set’s only new cards. These will be revealed from July 17 – 20.

MTG Commander Masters spoilers

During the MTG Weekly on July 11, Blake Rasmussen and Gavin Verhey showed us a bunch of new spoilers. First off are some sexy new versions of classic Commander cards like Sol Ring and Command Tower.

There were also a handful of high value cards among the first Commander Masters spoilers – for instance a new reprint of Land Tax. The cost-reducing Medallion cycle, which hasn’t seen a reprint since 2014, is also coming back for the new set.

Other key cards include the cycle of free EDH spells from Ikoria Commander – the really key ones (Deflecting Swat and Fierce Guardianship) are yet to be spoiled, but we can be pretty sure they’re coming.

There’s also big green spell Finale of Devastation, mega-demon Archfiend of Despair, and premier win condition Cyclonic Rift is also getting a reprint. Every color is getting something good!

Before spoiler season, plenty of Commander Masters cards were already shown off, during the ‘First Look’ at the set back in May. Most notably, we got to see all four of the Commanders from the precon decks, including the slithery Sliver and eldritch Eldrazi.

Most of the spoilers will be reprints, like Jewelled LotusCapture of Jingzhou and Personal Tutor revealed in the First Look. Check out this new treatment for legendary creatures, providing a close-up profile view of commanders like The Ur-Dragon and Selvala, Heart of the Wild.

As well as the cards confirmed for the set, we can infer a few from the packaging. For instance, we can see stylised artwork of Ghoulcaller Gisa on the set booster box, and Zacama, Primal Calamity on the collector booster box. Peering closer, Avacyn, Angel of Hope is hiding on the draft booster packs.

MTG Commander Masters decks

The four Commanders Masters precon decks are:

  • Enduring Enchantments – A White/Black/Green enchantments deck
  • Sliver Swarm – A five color Sliver deck
  • Planeswalker Party – A Blue/White/Red planeswalker deck
  • Eldrazi Unbound – A colorless Eldrazi deck – though just how Eldrazi is it really?

In each of these decks, there’ll be ten new cards, but the remainder will be reprints.

Sliver Swarm

Sliver Swarm is much what you’d expect – a bunch of new MTG Slivers to create the ultimate horde. Its mana base leaves a lot to be desired however.

One card worth paying particular attention to though is the alternate Commander, Rukarumel, who’s powerful in and out of Sliver decks, able to manipulate creature types in a very unique way, and enabling all sorts of tribal nonsense.

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Planeswalker Party

Planeswalker Party has a few new Planeswalkers, and lots of cards designed to protect them.

Highlights include a new blue Planeswalker that can phase out your Planeswalker squad, and a flying cat monster that can double Planeswalker effects.

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Eldrazi Unbound

Despite our fears, Eldrazi Unbound looks pretty damn cool – with a bunch of new Eldrazi and reprint Eldrazi, as well as some other big colorless cards.

Check out our guide to the best MTG commanders if you’re looking to build a new EDH deck. Or if you want to go set-specific, we can serve up a helping of the top MTG Lord of the Rings commanders too. Finally, if MTG Arena is where you go to get Standard or MTG Draft games played, don’t miss out on these MTG Arena codes.