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MTG’s Fox Jace joined by Squirrel Liliana and Frog Nissa

More Magic: The Gathering planeswalkers featuring bushy tails and cute little noses will be in MTG Bloomburrow - and we've seen four already.

MTG BLoomburrow art showing Liliana as a squirrel

More classic Magic: The Gathering planeswalkers are reimagined in animal form in Bloomburrow. Classic cards featuring Nissa, Liliana, and Tamiyo have all received furry (or froggy) new versions, and more well-known characters will be coming over the course of preview season.

In total, Bloomburrow is going to feature animal form versions of 24 well-known characters, 20 in collector boosters in the main set, and four in the EDH products, one for each Commander precon deck. This Imagine: Courageous Critters collection won’t just include MTG planeswalkers, but also plenty of legendary creatures too.

MTG card Nissa Who Shakes the World where she's reimagined as a frog

Planeswalkers is mostly what we’ve been shown so far, however. We’d already seen foxy Jace the Mindsculptor, but now there’s a derpy frog version of Nissa, Who Shakes the Worlds, and a squirrel Liliana of the Dark Realms – fitting, since squirrels all seem to be necromancers on Bloomburrow.

Squirrel Liliana card

Then we have Tamiyo, Field Researcher – her card is in the Ms. Bumbleflower deck – reimagined as a rabbit, which makes sense given the Moonfolk’s origins in Japanese folklore.

MTG card Tamiyo, Field Researcher where she's reimagined as a rabbit

Weirdly, Chatterfang Squirrel General is also a part of this collection, which doesn’t really make sense since Chatterfang is already a squirrel, but I guess Wizards just really wanted to squeeze him in.

Note that this won’t affect legality. Jace the Mind Sculptor and co aren’t going to be popping up in the best MTG Arena decks all of a sudden. The collection seems mainly targeted at Commander players, and will hopefully provide some choice reprints.

Thanks to an MTG Arena article, we have some idea who else is going to be showing up in animal form in Bloomburrow. It appears there’ll be animal versions of Elspeth, Sun’s Champion (confirmed on Mark Rosewater’s podcast to be a sunflower-themed mouse); Domri, Anarch of Bolas (our guess is racoon or boar); and some kind of Sorin card (almost certainly a bat).

It seems there’ll also be a Liliana, Dreadhorde General card. If it’s not a typo (they might have meant the Dark Realms Liliana above) we’d assume this card will be in the squirrel precon, so we might be getting even more Lili squirrel art.

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