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MTG’s second Hatsune Miku Secret Lair sells out in two hours

Magic: The Gathering's second limited edition set of virtual diva-themed cards has sold out three hours quicker than the last drop.

MTG second Hatsune Miku Secret Lair drop sells out - Wizards of the Coast image showing the Hatsune Miku card Song of Creation, on a background of 2024 Summer Super Drop art

Wizards of the Coast’s second MTG Secret Lair drop themed around virtual pop star Hatsune Miku went on sale on Monday – and fans reported the cards had completely sold out in the USA within just two hours. For context, Miku’s first special edition drop, on May 13, took around five and a half hours to run out of stock.

As limited edition collectibles packed with cards for indie darlings, pop culture crossovers, and assorted guest star characters, MTG Secret Lair ‘Super Drops’ always sell out quickly – but this level of ferocious demand for more manga Magic cards about the vocaloid singing superstar seems to have taken even seasoned Super Drop-seekers aback.

The second of four Hatsune Miku Secret Lairs coming this year, the Digital Sensation mini-set included six cards of varying types, including the four-color Enchantment Song of Creation, and Miku, Child of Song – a legendary creature in all five MTG colors, with the Trample keyword, and a true ‘diva exit’ ability that destroys all nonland permanents when she leaves the field. The set was also available in Japanese, but both language versions of the drop sold out like lightning in the USA.

MTG second Hatsune Miku Secret Lair drop sells out - Wizards of the Coast image showing the Hatsune Miku cards Sol Ring and Thespian's Stage, on a background of MTG art

The current ‘Secret Lair Summer Super Drop’ also includes cards from MTG Assassin’s Creed, Prints of Darkness, and Not a Wolf  – all featuring fun and gorgeous artwork. Unlike Hatsune Miku, many of these drops are still available to order at time of writing – but they’re only live from Monday, June 24, to Sunday, July 14, so if you like the look of any, you’ll need to hop on them fast.

As of 2024, there have been over 100 MTG sets released and more are always being made, so there is a degree of certainty that your favorite character or IP will eventually find its way into the gathering, especially with the growth of Universes Beyond crossover sets in recent years, including the mighty MTG Lord of the Rings set.

MTG second Hatsune Miku Secret Lair drop sells out - Wizards of the Coast image showing the Hatsune Miku Secret Lair products sold out on the Secret Lair US store page

But the extra-limited MTG Secret Lair products remain particularly attractive to collectors. A ‘sub-brand’ of Magic: The Gathering dedicated to limited edition products, Secret Lairs re-imagine existing cards into small, one-off, collectible pseudo-sets called ‘drops’, with unique, customized themes and art styles.

Originally inspired by Magic’s ‘Un-sets’ (absurdist, non-competitive, rule-bending cards intended for a silly, fun time) Secret Lairs like this are more collector’s items than they are competition-worthy. Still, we’re always interested to see which card sets sell more quickly than others – and to see the Hatsune Miku cards sell out within two hours is a testament to the popularity of this beloved virtual pop sensation.

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