Warhammer 40k deck delay leaves big gap in MTG’s 2022 schedule

The MTG Warhammer 40k Commander decks have been delayed by two months, pushed back from August to October due to supply chain challenges.

Magic the Gathering Warhammer 40k delayed: MTG artwork of Abaddon the Despoiler in armor waving a power sword

Magic: The Gathering creator Wizards of the Coast has announced delays to its anticipated MTG Warhammer 40k crossover set, including the Commander decks and Orks, Age of Sigmar, and Blood Bowl Secret Lair drops. Until now, these were slated to arrive on August 12, but the decks have now been pushed back to October 7 – the same day as Unfinity’s new release date.

An announcement posted on the official Magic website on Monday evening blames the delay on “global supply chain challenges and delays in production”. It’s now unknown when the Secret Lairs will arrive, but Wizards says these “will also be impacted” and promises an update “in the coming weeks”.

The Warhammer 40k Commander decks were the next product in the Magic: The Gathering release schedule after Double Masters 2022, which arrives early July. This now leaves a two month gap between July 8 and the next upcoming MTG product, Dominaria United, due on September 9. This makes a marked change from the MTG schedule up to now, which in 2022 has seen at least one product launch every other month.

Though doubtless disappointing for fans of Warhammer and MTG, the news could be viewed as something of a blessing in disguise – for players (or their wallets) worn out by Magic The Gathering’s endless spoiler seasons and constant stream of new releases.

This is the second MTG product to be delayed this year. The un-set Unfinity was originally intended to release on April Fools’ Day, but was pushed back to October 7 due to supply chain issues resulting from the pandemic. This means that Unfinity and the Warhammer 40k MTG decks are now releasing on the same date – October will be a busy month!