Pitch to Us

We’re always on the alert for great stories, op-eds, guides, and features covering tabletop games and wargames of all stripes. We’re especially interested in promoting underrepresented voices from a diverse range of backgrounds.


Please send all pitches to Wargamer’s editor Alex Evans (he/him) via email at: [email protected]

At the moment, we’re most interested in commissioning coverage for Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 40k: Kill Team, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, Dungeons & Dragons 5E, and Magic: The Gathering. Pitches directly concerning one or more of these games are strongly preferred.

However, we also cover any and all tabletop games (that means board games, tabletop RPGs, tabletop wargames of all varieties, trading card games, and whatever hybrids may lurk in the realms between) as well as PC and digital war games – so rest assured that we’ll always consider pitches for interesting pieces on games in these categories, as long as there’s a strong angle.

Particularly attractive will be pitches on any such games that compare to, or cross over with, one or more of the key titles named above.


We’re always looking to increase the visibility of underrepresented voices within our editorial output. We care deeply about diversity and inclusion in wargaming, and want to take an active stance against racism and injustice.

We have an additional editorial freelance budget that’s reserved for commissioning content from writers of these backgrounds, so please don’t hesitate to pitch us.

We invite your ideas across all of our usual editorial output (see the topic guidance above, and pitching tips below), and, should you wish to, you are also highly welcome to pitch us about your personal experiences in tabletop gaming and wargames as a writer from a less-represented community; we want to increase diversity not only in the writers we commission, but also in the content we publish.


Got an idea? Here’s how to best capture our interest.

Lead with the headline
Whatever your pitch is, at some point it’s going to need a headline that captures its essence in a digestible, appealing way. Lead with a great headline and it’s much easier for us to understand what makes it attractive. This also tells us that you’ve already got the conclusion in mind, so we know you’re presenting a complete argument.

One pitch at a time
You might have a lot of great ideas, but we want your best and most complete idea. A concise summary paragraph that tells us what topics and angles you’re going to talk about is ideal. If you intend to conduct interviews, please give us an idea of who the subjects are and how their input will contribute to the piece.

Word counts and turnaround
Alongside your pitch, we’d appreciate it if you told us what kind of turnaround and word count you have in mind for the piece. Carefully consider the word count, because – while we do publish long-form articles when the source material merits it – we’d almost always prefer a concise, purposeful piece.

Previous experience?
If you’ve got links to relevant articles you’ve written, then please do include those with the pitch. We’re happy to work with new writers, though, so don’t hesitate to pitch if that’s you. If you currently don’t have any published work or a portfolio to send us, please provide a sample paragraph in the style of one of our guides or features.

Tell us what you’re playing
Just because our main focuses right now are Warhammer, D&D, and Magic: The Gathering doesn’t mean that’s all we’re about! We’re interested in covering all kinds of tabletop games and wargames, if the pitch is right – so if you’re getting in touch with us for the first time then please let us know what your specialities and current games are. You never know what expertise we might be on the lookout for.