Title Published Genre Platform Score
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Review: Mordheim-City of the Damned Dec 02 Not Rated
Review: Heroes of Normandie Oct 27 Not Rated
Review: Battle of the Bulge for PC Oct 01 Not Rated
Review: Legions of Steel Sep 28 Not Rated
Review: Skyshine's Bedlam Sep 23 Not Rated
Review: Nobunaga's Ambition -- Sphere of Influence Sep 22 Not Rated
The Emperor Returns! - NORBSOFTDEV gets its inner Grog up with a new take on the battle of Waterloo Jul 31 Not Rated
Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords - A Review by James Tanaleon Jul 30 Not Rated
Man Versus Machine - Legions of Steel Reviewed Jul 21 Not Rated
Review: Europa Universalis IV: Common Sense Jul 06 Real-Time Strategy Not Rated
Weigh anchor as we get underway and review the latest Sails of Glory ship packs Jun 25 Not Rated
Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword Review Jun 15 Not Rated
Review: Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy (PC) Jun 08 Not Rated
"Cum Deo et victricibus armis" Pike and Shot gets a brand new expansion module May 08 Not Rated
Ultimate General Gettysburg we review the iPad Edition May 06 Not Rated
To the Pillars of Eternity and beyond? Apr 16 Not Rated
The City Building Game We Deserved - A Review of Cities: Skylines Mar 23 Not Rated
Revuew: Vietnam '65 Mar 19 Turn-Based Strategy iOS Not Rated
Fleet Commander Nimitz Mar 09 Not Rated
War Tapes – Hell Awaits Mar 06 Not Rated
War the Game Feb 16 Not Rated
Shoulder Your Musket and Port Your Pike Feb 06 Not Rated
Enemy Coast Ahead Jan 26 Not Rated
What Was Good in 2014 Jan 13 Not Rated
Crash Dive! Jan 12 Not Rated
The Lieutenant Dont Know Jan 09 Not Rated
War Tapes Jagged Alliance Jan 06 Not Rated