Battlefield 1942: Road to Rome

By Scott Parrino 26 Mar 2003 0


In early July 1943, the Allies invaded Sicily, thereby opening up a southern front on occupied Europe's "soft" underbelly. The purpose of this campaign was twofold. First, it would secure much-needed airbases to aid in the strategic bombing of Germany. Secondly, it would serve to draw Axis units from the Eastern front and Northern Europe in preparation for the Normandy invasion the following year.

After initial success, the Allies climbed up the Italian "boot" and ran into the Gustav line, a series of fortified positions set up across the Italian peninsula. The tenacious German defenders utilized Italy's rugged terrain and made the Allies pay dearly for every inch of ground.

Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome is an expansion pack for Electronic Arts' and Dice Software's popular Battlefield 1942. This add-on focuses on the Italian campaign and includes six new battle maps, two new armies, eight new vehicles and a host of new weapons.

The start of Operation Husky.

Italian Assault trooper.

Installation & Technical Issues

Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome installed flawlessly and takes up about 400MB of hard drive space. It also upgrades the original game to version 1.25. However, it is strongly suggested that the user get the latest patch and upgrade to version 1.31. This patch fixes most of the sound problems and cheats in the game. It also suggested that the player have the latest audio and video drivers.

A view from the top at Monte Casino.

French assault trooper on the move at Monte Casino.

Mosquito fighter-bomber.

Hill 424 at Salerno.



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