Review: BattleTech

By Ian boudreau 24 Apr 2018 3

Review: BattleTech

Released 24 Apr 2018

Developer: Harebrained Schemes
Genre: Turn-Based Strategy
Available from:

BattleTech is a turn-based tactics game based on the original table-top wargame created by Jordan Weisman. It puts the players in charge of a mercenary company fighting in a harsh universe full of political intrigue and brutal survivalism. The player's are tasked with completing missions using a team of four mechs, called a 'Lance'. These mechs are fully customisable and the pilots - MechWarriors - can gain experience and new skills over time.

Above the tactical combat layer is a no-nonsense RPG/Business Management system that will force you to make tough choices to your outfit in the black - if you go bankrupt, it's game over. You can read Ian's full thoughts on the game on our sister website - Strategy Gamer.

BattleTech can be purchased via the store options below, and the base version costs £34.99 / $39.99. 

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Review: BattleTech

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