Birth of America 2: Wars in America

By Jean Marciniak 14 Aug 2014 0

After playing a few months of Civil War II I decided to try out AGEOD?s other games. The first game I wanted to try was Birth of America 2 as it covered one of my favorite time periods ? The American Revolution. Now this game was made years before Civil War II and I had to ask the question. Was it as good?

Let?s find out ?



Beautiful map - Just like in Civil War II, AGEOD developed a beautiful gorgeous map that I really appreciate. You can clearly see the level of time and devotion they put into making this map. Props to AGEOD for adding this level of detail and beauty.

Addictive strategic gameplay - One thing I love about this game is how easily it is to move and command armies, navies throughout the entire map.

Game feels epic - When you can command and control armies and even navies along the entire North American coast it gives you the feeling of how epic this game is, but they didn't stop there. You can even get involved in fighting toward the western frontier war.

Nice UI - The User Interface in the game looks good. It gives you a sense of immersion into the era. I specifically like all the wooden details they added to The UI.

Lots of scenarios - There are a lot of scenarios in the game. You can get involved in The French & Indian War, The American Revolution and even The War of 1812. Then there are tons of smaller conflicts you can sink your teeth into. Lots of replayability.

Enjoyable soundtrack - I enjoy hearing colonial music as I march my troops off to battle. Gives you a sense of immersion as if you?re Washington himself.



Confusing unit strength values - I struggle to understand the unit value system in this game. Civil War II had this problem. Units are given an artificial strength value. So for example, General Washington's Army has 233 power in the game. Is that good? Wouldn't it be much easier to say General Washington's Army has 2,100 men? I can understand that figure much more easily.

Can't organize units into brigades or divisions - During the American Revolution, both the Continental and British Army used Brigades and Divisions to organize their forces. Unfortunately in this game you cannot. It becomes difficult organizing units with leaders and eventually becomes a click fest.

Turns process too fast - I would like to see turns slow down. I feel the turns process too fast. Sometimes it?s hard to keep up with all the battles, enemy movements, etc.



More in-depth diplomacy system - A more in-depth diplomacy system where I can request military assistance or even a alliance from European powers would be great to have in the game.

iPad and iPhone compatibility - While playing Birth of American 2 I kept thinking how cool it would be to play this game on my iPad or even iPhone. These devices are now powerful enough to handle running these epic games, so why not?



So After spending hours and hours of playing Birth of America 2 I must say this is now my go to American Revolution war game. Not only is it addicting, fun and epic, but it is by far the best period game I?ve played in a long while. The only other game I can think of that comes close is KOEI?s Liberty or Death. AGEOD really made a great game and I thank them for that.

The game currently retails for $14.99 and if you?re looking for the best American Revolution strategy game out there ? this is it.

Game web page is here -



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