Bloody April - Air War Over Arras France

By Alex Berry 18 Jan 2013 0


Publisher: GMT Games

Designer: Terry Simo 

Art Director: Rodger B. MacGowan

Map, Chart, Counter Art: Ian Wedge

Rulebook and Playbook Layout: Charlie Kibler

Package Design: Rodger B. MacGowan

Production Coordinator: Tony Curtis

Producers: Mark Simonitch, Andy Lewis, Tony Curtis, Rodge MacGowan, and Gene  Bellingsley

Review written and produced by: Alex Berry 


About Alex Berry 

Alex has been wargaming since before he was 10 years old, mostly on the computer with old classics such as Command HQ. Now with a full time job that requires him to stare at the computer half the day, he's moved onto board games, a hobby his wife lovingly indulges.

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