Blue vs Gray Deluxe Edition

By Scott Parrino 20 Dec 2004 0


The American Civil War, as simulated in games, tends to be set up in the same fashion: the same leaders, the same troops, the same?everything. Oh, sure, there?s a variant here and an alternative set up there; depending on the game, a following could exist that has all but rewritten the rules to a gamer?s favorite Civil War era wargame, inviting them to try it out. 

Originally published by QED, Blue vs. Gray was taken over by GMT and had a few bells and whistles added on, including some rewritten rules, before it was shipped out the door. GMT?s website is short on background information; on top of that they point to QED?s website, which is now defunct. That's a shame because their website used to provide a huge amount of information, including a sample game, card descriptions, rule clarifications, and the like. Most were pertinent to the game as it currently exists in its deluxe GMT format. 

Luck of the Draw

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