Custers Last Command 2 Review

By Jean Marciniak 27 Aug 2013 0

This is second instalment in my review series of Jeff Lapkoff Games. Let?s take a look at how Custer?s Last Command 2 ranks up.




Unique Design

Try to find a Custer?s Last Stand game out on the net and you won?t - at least I wasn?t able to. I gave big props to Jeff Lapkoff for developing a tactical strategy game of The Battle of Little Big Horn. I love developers that think outside of the box and don?t do the same old, same old. 

Somewhat Intuitive

Movement is very quick and easy to learn. Garrison orders allow the player to issue orders to every unit easily and without frustration. The only problem I ran into was trying to have units fire individually. Once I selected the fire option I had problems finding enemy units I could fire at. All there was to identify those units was a small red dot under the enemy unit. I couldn?t see it and I have 20/20 vision. Perhaps a bigger graphics highlighted what enemy units I can fire upon would improve this? 

Great Map Design

The map is simple, easy to understand and clutter free so you can focus on the units and on the gameplay. 


I couldn?t stop playing and strategizing my next move. 

Many Gameplay Options

This game allows you to fight the Battle of Little Big Horn, but you can also play alternate variations of the battle like The 7th Cavalry United, The 2nd Cavalry Rides with The 7th into Combat, etc. So if you lose the historic battle just bring in some more guys and you might have better luck. 


All I will say about The AI is that it?s darn smart. It flanks and surrounds my forces so I can?t retreat.



Borderline Unplayable at Times

After ending my turn I ran into a big bug in the game where the game froze. You couldn?t see anything happening on screen. You can hear the sound effects going on in the background indicating the game is processing the turn, but you couldn?t see anything happening. This is extremely frustrating, especially when you know your guys are getting shot up. Once the turn was processed the game started working again, but you notice a lot has changed in the game. I was wondering what happened to my units. Turns out they were destroyed during the turn. This is a SERIOUS bug that needs to be fixed. There was many times I was about to just end the game because of this. I hope we can see a patch that addresses this issue. 

Zoom Function

Zoom works great, but IF you?re on the 1x zoom level, and end your turn, the game flips over to the 2x zoom level and conducts all the processing events. This is really weird. Why can?t it just stay at the zoom level I want it at? 


I don?t think this works in the game. I attacked a unit from the front and the rear and the result was I lost troops they didn?t. 

Units Move on Their Own at Times

I had some units (only a few) move away from battle when I needed them to move toward it. I guess this is to simulate historic accuracy, but as I always say? ?Remember it?s a game, it?s not supposed to be frustrating.? 

Couldn?t Disperse Enemy Horses

When I started the game I remembered something critical from the original game - Custer?s Last Command 1 - that if you attack and disperse the horses near the villages, the enemy wouldn?t be able to mount their troops and attack you. This would obviously improve your chances of survival in the game. But in the beginning of the game I sent troops in to do this very thing and was unable to. I figured this ability was removed in this game, but half way through I noticed one of my units was able to. So I?m confused. Why was one unit able to and the others not? 

User Interface

The text is easier to read than The Alamo! but it?s still small. I would welcome larger font. Also most monitors these days are 1920 x 1080 - I wouldn?t mind sacrificing some of the main map area to make the buttons larger. 

Bad Location of Battle Results

Same problem as with The Alamo! I hate having to run around the whole screen to view battle result statistics. It would be so much easier that when I shoot at a enemy unit the battle casualties are displayed on top of that unit rather than the bottom of the screen. Also they disappear way too quickly. 

Turn Events Happen Too Fast

When I process the turn the enemy gets to issue their moves orders. They?re able to move and attack my forces, but this happens SO fast that I?m unable to keep up. Imagine this. An enemy unit moves and then attacks your unit within one second. The battle result then is display on the bottom of the screen within half a second and disappears in another half a second. Now multiply this by 10 times. Could you keep up?



Custers Last Command 2 is a really great game. It?s one of my favourites, but the game is bogged down greatly by a serious bug that makes the game almost unplayable. I can live with the other cons I listed, but that main bug is a game killer. Once that is fixed and patched up I would strongly recommend purchasing it. But not until then? 

The game is available here for $24.95



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