Door Kickers Alpha 4 Review

By Jean Marciniak 10 Sep 2013 0

So I recently spent some time going through the latest Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight startup titles and I came across this game that piqued my interests. It?s a top down RTS game where you take command of a SWAT team that?s in charge of taking out bad guys. Now before I begin just a heads up that this is an Alpha Build, which means there are tons more features, bug fixes, and development left to go on this game. So with that in mind here is my video review, followed by Pros, Cons and Conclusion:




Quick learning curve - I really picked this game up quickly. I learned the basics of the controls within minutes. It was very easy to start playing. I commend these game developers for making a game so easy to play that you don?t need a tutorial.

Good map - I like the map. It?s simple and easy to identify what things are, and who the good and bad guys are.

Cool entry mechanics - it?s really cool that I have a bunch of ways I can storm through doors. Flash grenade, breeching charge, or the old fashioned boot. Also, even before you head in you could use a camera to see who?s on the other side. Really cool. Love using these.

Game mechanics - the movement system in this game is really good. You can go realtime and move the character anywhere you want them, right that second, or you can pause the game and plan all your characters moves from start to end. I really like how fluid everything is. Also Line of Sight is in this game is really cool because it gives you greater control over your characters. Line of Sight isn?t always done well in games, but rest assured it is in this game, and it?s really easy to pick up. I got it in seconds.

Interesting AI - so the baddies are pretty smart. If they hear any action going on they head on over to join the fight. Also they walk around the map, so if you don?t have your eyes peeled on your ?six? (rear) they might just come up behind you and blast your team away. I really like this - an AI that thinks! However, I did notice from time to time that the AI characters were sometimes facing walls and not the doors or entry ways. Must be a bug. Again this is an Alpha game so these will be present.

Lots of cool features on the way - so the game is cool as is, but they are planning to add in more features like a campaign mode, weapon customizations, multi story buildings, a inventory system, and a mission editor. Really like what I hear.



Waypoints - the movement waypoints sometimes get in the way. I posted a few waypoints for one of my guys, but after the 4th one I rethought my strategy and decided this is not going to work. So I tried to undo the last way point by canceling it out, but was unable to do so. I could cancel the previous ones, but I didn?t need to change them, just the last one. In the end I had to cancel all the waypoints and start over which was frustrating.

Character hesitation - I ran into this a few times. My man entered a room and instead of shooting he just stopped and did nothing, and ended up getting shot and killed.

Enemy firepower - sometimes when engaged in a firefight I wonder what kind of weapon the enemy has. Honestly it seems like a mini gun at times lol. They shoot so many rounds, so fast and spray everything.



Running - I would like to see a running system included in the game just in case I want my men to haul a$% to another part of the map.

iPad - honestly while playing this game I started thinking how awesome this game would be for the iPad. The controls, map, graphics, etc would all fit on a tablet and be perfect for those 15 minute breaks when you want to take out some baddies.

Melee system - in one scenario I had one of my guys turn the corner and, boom, a baddie was there. Not two feet away, but nose to nose. Instead of knocking him to the floor my guy decided to use his M4 at two feet distance. I wish a melee system would be included in the game, which would allow my guy to kick some butt.

Hostage reaction - during one scenario I was shooting at some baddies, but between me and them were about 4 hostages. Unfortunately they just stood there in the middle of a gun fight so one of them got hit and killed. I would like to see a feature added where they would panic and run away trying to find safety. It would be more realistic. That would be a really cool addition.

Graphics - since this game is designed for the desktop I think a bump up in graphics for SWAT members and the baddies would be a plus.

Playable bad guys - yes, I want this feature because it?s sometimes fun to play the bad guys.

Multiplayer - I would love to play this game with my friends. Have them play the bad guys while I try to storm in guns blazing would be great. Or even with my buddy controlling half my team, coming in from the other end of the building would be a really nice feature to this game.



Door Kickers is a Steam Greenlight game that?s in early development. The game already looks and plays really well. I spent over 40 minutes going scenario to scenario not able to stop playing. I feel this game is similar to another game I played - Breech & Clear for iOS - but the difference between that game and this is that this one is done a lot better, and what is funny is that it?s not even finished yet.

You can start playing the game for free, or $9.99 will get you the release version as well when available. If you?re looking for a good game that put you in the shoes of SWAT this is it. Since the game is in Alpha 4 status, you?ll be guaranteed future releases of the game as they move to Alpha 5, 6, etc. and get more features that will spice up the game. I plan on playing this game many more times before then though.

Website - ; there are a number of options from a free trial to buying the source code for modding, etc. purposes.



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