Going East Again

By Jean Marciniak 05 Nov 2014 0

I got the chance to play Hunted Cow Studios recent release Russian Front, which was released a few weeks ago. I wanted to play this game to check out how well it stacks up against recent WW2 games like Panzer Corps. So let's see how it does. Here is my video review, and after it my conclusions are summarized together.



Intuitive gameplay - Within a few minutes I was able to pick up how the game functions and get the gist of all the controls. I like games that make it simple. 

Quick learning curve - Strategy Games should be made where it takes only minutes for the player to learn how to movie units and how to engage in combat. This game does that. 

Numerous scenarios to play - The game comes with enough scenarios to play to cover all your eastern front needs. From the beginning of Operation Barbarrosa to the fall of Germany. 

Easy to understand combat system - The combat system in the game is easy to understand and use. When you select your unit it highlights nearby enemy units you can attack. Quick and simple.



Low resolution graphics - The game has some really bad graphics. Soldiers and units in the game look like they were ripped from some 1990's strategy game. It's 2014. There's no excuse for poor graphics. 

Low resolution map - The game map is also really poor in terms of graphics. Forest, cities look especially horrible. It shows the developer put little to no effort in making them. 

Artificial numbering system - I have this problem with many games I review. I don't like artificial numbering systems for units. If you have an infantry division they should have 17,000 men, more or less, not 12 strength. What sounds more immersive? Attacking an infantry division and inflicting 6 loss on it, OR, attacking an infantry division and inflicting 8,500 casualties on it. 

Click fest to move - If your unit can move 3 hexes in a turn why do I need to click hex after hex after hex for it to move. Why can't I just click the unit and click the hex 3 spaces away and have them move. No I have to wait for it to move 1 hex before I tell it to move to the next hex.



After playing the game for a bit I was left disappointed. The game?s graphics look horrible, and the gameplay gets repetitive fast. The game lacks a lot features and depth. It feels more like a quick arcade style strategy game mixed with 1990?s graphics rather than a strategy game for 2014.

The game retails for $9.99. Is it worth that price? No it's not ... not at all. Maybe with a lot better graphics, more things you can do in the game, specialized units, something to make it worth it's price tag. One thing?s for sure it doesn't measure up to games like Panzer Corps.



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