IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles

By Scott Parrino 29 May 2003 0


Dmitriy Petrov rolls out of his bunk and glances at his watch, 5:00AM. God, what he wouldn't give to sleep in till noon. However, duty calls. The flight line of I-16 "Ratas" must be inspected. "Inspected for what?" he thinks. It is not like they have flown any patrols in the last few days. The leaders in Moscow have ordered most squadrons near the frontier to stand down so as to not provoke the Germans into attacking. He walks out of the barracks in a fatigue-induced haze and notices the distant rumble of thunder. He knows the rain will soon turn the dusty runway into a quagmire of ankle deep mud. "Great, maybe the rain will let me get some more sleep" he mutters to himself. He approaches the flight line and salutes the guards on duty. He gives each plane a cursory glance to make sure they are secure. He begins to become more awake and remembers his cache of Russian tobacco hidden under the seat of his plane. Luxury items such as tobacco, vodka and certain food items seem to have a way of disappearing, so they are always well hidden. The sound of the thunder is getting louder and seemingly coming from the west, but also from the north and south. He must hurry to his plane to get the tobacco before it rains. Suddenly, the fog in his mind lifts and he stops in his tracks. "That's not thunder, that's artillery!" he shouts. His heart nearly skips a beat as he races back to the barracks. "Get your planes in the air!" he shouts to the other pilots and ground crews. But it is too late; several Bf-109's are already lining up for strafing runs. He quickly dives for cover in a small drainage ditch as the first German planes begin their attack. The sounds of the screaming 109's combined with their cannon fire is almost deafening. He doesn't dare raise his head. After a few minutes, the attack subsides and Dmitriy drags himself back onto the runway. The sight of dead and wounded men lying beside the flaming wreckage that was once their planes greets him as he stumbles among the men he once knew as friends. Most of the planes are beyond repair, like the men who flew them. He thinks to himself, "All of these dead men and we didn't even get off a single shot. With a deep breath, he composes himself and starts to organize first aid and repair crews. He mutters to himself, "This is going to be a long war. I hope I will live to see the end of it." In his heart he knows many will die before peace again prevails in the world.

Throughout the history of entertainment, most sequels have paled against the originals that inspired them. Yes, there are a few exceptions but for the most part, sequels have been the subject of jokes and ridicule. Fortunately, this is not the case for Ubi Soft's and 1C: Maddox Game's IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles. It is the sequel to the award winning IL-2 Sturmovik. Oleg Maddox and crew take a good flight simulation and make it even better by adding a dynamic campaign, more flyable aircraft, better flight models, new maps and more missions.

A British Hurricane scores a kill.

Stukas prepare to attack.

Squadron roster menu.

Pilot Profile menu.


Like its predecessor, Forgotten Battles focuses on World War II air combat on the Eastern Front. This time however, the player can now fly and fight over Finland, Hungary, and the Poland/Ukraine area in addition to areas included in the original IL-2 Sturmovik. The player may also fly as a fighter or bomber pilot/crew in the new dynamic campaign system. Forgotten Battles also include 30 new flyable aircraft, improved flight models and better AI.



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