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By Jean Marciniak 05 Aug 2013 0

Breach & Clear Review


Before I begin let me introduce myself. My name is Jean Marciniak and I'm a new contributor to Although I've been a frequent visitor since the 90's, I remember the old days of when the latest gaming news was about Sid Meier's Gettysburg. Since then I've been all over strategy war gaming. The first game I remember obsessing over was KOEI's Pacific Theater of Operations (Anybody remember that one?). As the years went by I discovered one blockbuster game after another. But still after all these years I still can't find any game that can top my favorite... Civil War Generals 2. So one day after playing a game I thought ... Hey why not write about games and help developers get the feedback they need to make the right games. Perhaps I can lend my voice and make a difference. So here goes.


So Breech & Clear came out last Thursday and I decided to shell over The $1.99 to buy the game, which I believed was gonna be a bit of Rainbow Six meets XCOM together on my iPad. Was I right? Find out below


1. Intuitive User Interface

The Interface is easy to learn and use. I didn?t bother playing the tutorial. I went right into the action. You know the developers did a good job with the user interface when you can dive right into the game and not have to spend a lot of time learning how to play it.


What I wish the developers would add is the ability to view through walls. Its sometimes hard to view action that?s going on, especially if you dont have the camera facing the right angle. Perhaps making the walls more transparent will allow the player a easier field of view.


Also I hope the developers add a replay option, where you can re-watch your previous turn or re-watch the entire scenario from start to finish. Perhaps some social support, where you can post a video on Facebook... that would be cool.


2. Gameplay Learning Curve

This was pretty easy to get. Its so simple anyone could pick it up in minutes. All you need to do is tap on a circle to tell your character where to go. After that, you tell them where to face and that?s it. The rest you leave in their hands.


3. Graphics

The graphics in this game are good. It doesn't provide that WOW factor, but its definitely good for a tablet. I wasn?t expecting anything revolutionary when buying this game in terms of graphics.


4. Replay-ability

Lots of replay value. There?s so far approximately 15 maps you can unlock in this game. More look like they?re on the way. Add in all that customization and boom you have a game that has enough content to hold you over. One thing I wish the developers would add is a multiplayer aspect to the game. It would be really cool if you can challenge a friend on Game Center. You guys can duke it out map by map and see who's the top dog. That would add in tons more replay value to the game.


5. Value

For $1.99 its definitely worth a buy. Add in it?s a Universal App, all the customization the game offers, and all the maps you can play... I would recommend it.


Overall Score: 4.



My Score Legend:


1 = It?s Horrible! Stay Away!

2 = It Needs Work

3 = It?s So So. Buy Only If You?re a Die Hard

4 = It?s A Good Game. Worth A Buy.

5 = IT?S INCREDIBLE! Buy Right Now!



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