John Tillers Civil War Battles: Antietam

By Jean Marciniak 12 Jun 2014 0

After I played Civil War Battles and Civil War Battles: Shiloh, I decided to take on the Antietam version of the game.




Map is fluid when moving around - some games have this issue where they put a beautiful map on the screen, but when it comes time to move it, it lags and cuts out. Thankfully this isn't the issue here. Now it isn't the most gorgeous map out there but it does the job ? for now.

Somewhat intuitive - the trick to a good game is it has to be intuitive. If you have to spend 20 minutes to learn how to move 1 unit there?s a problem. Thankfully moving a unit in this game is pretty easy. A simple press and hold allows you to move a unit. Even making the unit fire is easy. All you need to do is tap the targeting reticule and all the units your soldiers can hit light up. Just tap on which one is going to get a volley.

An in-depth strategy game - so if your looking for the best tactical in-depth civil war gaming experience for tablets? this is it. I can?t find any other game out there that has this much detail in a tablet Civil War game. When I load up a scenario and see each Brigade commander listed, each regiment identified ? that tells me that I?m playing a serious strategy wargame on my iPad.



Cannot choose which side to play - the scenarios are preset so you can?t choose which side you want to play, so if you want to play as the Confederates when Burnside storms the bridge, you?re out of luck.

No full battle of Antietam - one of the drawbacks to this game is there is no full battle of Antietam scenario. You have a bunch of smaller engagement scenarios, but no scenario that takes you through the whole battle. I would love to have a scenario where I can start fighting in The Wheat Field and change the course of the battle. Perhaps order up the Union reserves to join the fight early on in the morning or attack the Confederates at every point in their lines simultaneously.

Confusing User Interface - I mentioned this during my first review of Civil War Battles, but I feel it needs to be said again. It?s confusing and not intuitive. I have to press a button to figure out what it does. I feel this interface needs a complete redo. It needs to be an interface where as soon as the person sees an icon or button they automatically understand what it does.



Better map - I would like to see a crisper, and eye popping map added to the game. It doesn't have to be jaw dropping, but something to spruce it up just a bit.

iPhone & iPod Touch version - I want to see this game optimized to work on the iPhone and iPod Touch. There are numerous times I catch myself with 15-20 minutes breaks at work where I would love to play this game, but unfortunately I didn't take my iPad to work that day. But one thing I always take is my iPhone.



Overall I enjoy having this game on my iPad. Its one of the few that survives my monthly purge of unused apps off my iPad. Honestly, I just enjoy having a in depth tactical Battle of Antietam game on my iPad whenever I want to dive into it. Currently there?s no other Antietam game on the iPad, which makes this one the best and only option.

So if you?re wondering ?Should I buy this game?? - well if you?re into strategy games and the Civil War, then yes. For $2.99 you?re not going to get a better Antietam experience on your mobile device.


Civil War Battles: Antietam is produced by John Tiller Software which can be found here.

Links to the app by platform: Android, Kindle, and iPad.



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