Medieval: Total War XL Mod

By Scott Parrino 30 Mar 2005 0

The Wargamer is pleased to present VikingHorde with this Award for Excellence for Medieval: Total War XLMedieval: Total War XL makes a great game even better, extending the life of this terrific strategy game with more depth and rich play.

A Tasty Favorite Made Infinitely Better 

I love PC gaming. And I especially love the high levels of immersion and almost endless amounts of modifications that can be added to recent strategy and tactical titles. Whole communities have bloomed around the more popular releases, and with these larger groups come some of the best mods available, making some great titles and franchises truly mind-blowing. However, I really didn?t know how truly fantastic a mod could be until I installed the Medieval: Total War XL mod, released by a modder known to me only as VikingHorde on the Total War forums. The care and dedication put into this tremendous mod is evident in all facets of the package, from newly added units, factions, and buildings to the smoother operation of the game?s economic and tactical models. If Medieval: Total War is a favorite and has never left your hard drive, immediately seek out Medieval: Total War XL. It gave me that very rare joy found when something beloved is improved upon, to the point that the original beloved game seems almost quaint by comparison.

A Medieval Banquet?s Worth of New Features

Every mod offers new features, and some of the better ones even offer welcome changes to the original gameplay. Only the very best offer both in ample quantities, and for fans of Medieval: Total War, there is a tremendous amount of juicy tidbits included in the Medieval: Total War XL mod to salivate over.

Primarily, the modder designed Medieval: Total War XL with a virtual switch. At the beginning of every new campaign game, the player is given the choice as to play the original, unmodded Medieval: Total War, or to start a new campaign in Medieval: Total War XL. I personally found that once I played a few turns of Medieval: Total War XL, I had no desire to return to the original game, as much as I had loved it. Just having that choice is a welcome one, though. Unsurprisingly, campaigns using the original Medieval: Total War cannot be used in Medieval: Total War XL mode, and vice versa. With the switch included, however, there is no need to delete those old games, since the mod doesn?t render them permanently useless. Players may likely forget them though, as I did, in favor of starting a new campaign with Medieval: Total War XL. The choice is ultimately up to the player, which is exactly how mods should always be built.

It should be noted that Medieval: Total War XL will only work on Medieval: Total War with the Viking Invasion expansion pack installed. Plain old Medieval: Total War will not work with Medieval: Total War XL without it. Honestly, I wasn?t very interested in the Viking Invasion pack by itself: I purchased it exclusively to apply the Medieval: Total War XL mod. It can be a little difficult to find the Viking Invasion pack for a reasonable price, as most places I searched had it for sale at $30.00 US! After a little internet browsing, however, I found plenty of used copies and wound up paying much less for it. Remembering that the Medieval: Total War XL mod is indeed free, it is probably the best $10.00 I?ve spent in years. Bundles of Medieval: Total War and the Viking Invasion are available new at reasonable prices if players had never bought the original (unfathomable!).



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