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By Jean Marciniak 21 Jan 2014 0

So here it is ? at last.  Panzer Corps for iPad.  The game was a long time in development and now it's finally here.  Honestly I believe this game is going to take strategy wargaming to the next level.  It's the beginning of the great trek from desktop to tablet.  So is this the beginning of saying goodbye to desktop wargaming? 

I believe yes.  It?s not going to be right away but this is the beginning.  Panzer Corps is a good example to use for my point, because it?s not your ordinary tablet game.  It isn't a cheap port.  It?s the FULL Panzer Corps desktop experience ? on a Tablet.  What we need to ask ourselves ... if you could play your favorite war-game on a tablet or smartphone why would you use your desktop?  Tablets are much more comfortable, portable and lower priced.

I think Steve Jobs was right ? we?re living in The Post PC era, where most people are going to start using their mobile devices more than their desktops.  Don't worry though, as desktops will still remain around for content creators, but for the other 95% of people ? it's going to be iPad or similar. 

So let?s get right into the review. Where do I begin?  How about just jumping in and kicking some axis butt?





This is the FULL Desktop Game - this is NOT some small port that only offers 10% of the real game.  It?s the full desktop experience on the iPad.  Everything from the desktop game is here.  This is VERY IMPRESSIVE as many desktop ports leave out key features of the game.  Props to developers - The Lordz Gaming Studio and Flashback Games - for pushing tablet gaming forward. 


Great Multiplayer Experience - now a lot of times when you port a desktop game to the tablet you lose the full multiplayer experience.  One good example of this is Minecraft.  There?s a desktop version of Minecraft that allows you to build a in game world with hundreds to thousands of people in real time.  Unfortunately the tablet port does not allow you to do this.  You can play by yourself *fun :( or with people on your wifi network, but not the huge audience you get with the desktop version.  So in the end the mobile version of Minecraft is handicapped and not much fun.  However Panzer Corps does the opposite.  Panzer Corps for the iPad gives you that full multiplayer experience just like it does on the desktop.  This is huge as it changes the game.  No longer are you restricted to playing on the desktop, but now you can play on the go; and that?s huge for gaming. 


Lots of Extra Content to Buy - if you open up the app one of the first things you will see is how huge the In-Game Shop is.  It contains massive add-ons for the game.  From adding in more campaigns, literally hundreds of more scenarios all the way down to adding in a whole new game, Allied Corps.  Can you see how HUGE this game is?  That?s enough content here to get you to the next decade.  


Animations Look Good - for some reason I like the quick animation units have when firing on one another, especially naval units.  It looks realistic ... and cool. 


Works on Every iPad - yes, you read it right!  Panzer Corps can be played on every single iPad, including the 1st Generation iPad.  This is going to make a lot of people who have a 1st Gen iPad happy, including me.  Props to the development studios for making this happen. 



Gameplay Not as Fluid as it Should Be - moving around the map, as well as Zooming in and out, is not as fluid as some other games I?ve played.  It?s Ok, but it?s not going to win any awards.  However, considering the developers took a desktop game, with desktop computer requirements, and fitted in on a tablet I'm still very impressed. 


Text and UI hard to Read - so this is one thing that sometimes happens when you?re porting a game to the tablet.  The text size of the game is smaller and/or harder to read.  It?s still readable, but I would have liked it larger, and perhaps bolder.  Even for a 30 year old my eyes are not the best and I can imagine if you?re older there not any better. 


Battle Results Sometimes Difficult to Understand - so when you have two units in the game that are on different hexes attacking one another ... everything?s fine.  You can see what losses you sustained and what you inflicted on the enemy.  The strength value of both units is always visible.  However, when you have these same units in the same hex it becomes difficult to see what?s going on, as only 1 of the units strength value is visible on the map.  So it?s hard to see which unit took damage. 


Pricey - the game retails for $19.99, which for an iPad game is very expensive.  But then again this isn't your ordinary iPad game.  It's a full desktop game on your iPad.



So after playing Panzer Corps and reviewing the good and bad I must say I'm very impressed.  What it really comes down to is The Lordz Gaming Studio and Flashback Games did an amazing job in taking a game we all know and love, and bringing it to The iPad.  I still find it amazing that they took a desktop level game like Panzer Corps and ported the Full game, not some cut down version.  Some of the best developers are having trouble doing that.  I think this is the beginning of a new chapter in tablet gaming.  We're going to start seeing our favorite desktop level games on a tablet, and that's a exciting future. 

Now when it comes down to should you pay $19.99 for Panzer Corps and another $59.99 for all the scenarios, campaigns and Allied Corps content, well just answer this question ... Did you love playing Panzer General back in the 90's?  If that's a ?yes?, then you just answered the question.



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