Rebellious Colonies

By Jean Marciniak 08 Dec 2014 0

I?ve been wanting a good American Revolution game for the iPad since well when the first iPad came out. 4 years later, no luck. Now Hunted Cow Studios and Decision Games have decided to take a shot at filling that void. Have they done it? Let?s find out ?



Strategic View - The game has a simple and easy to use strategic mode where you can pinch and get a full view of the battlefield. It even allows you to move and attack enemy units in this mode.

Intuitive gameplay - Really enjoy games that allow you to easily move units throughout the battlefield. Took me all of 5 seconds to pick up.

Double tap to move units faster - A nice addition to the game is a feature where you can move units 2x faster by simply tapping the screen while a unit is in motion.

Nice animations - The graphics in the game are not Total War level but they do the job and are nice eye candy.

Good User Interface - The user interface to the game is simple yet you can see the developer put time and effort into crafting it. I really appreciate it.

Random events - This I wasn't expecting but there are nice little random events in the game. British or American units will get hit with penalties in the game depending on the scenario. One example of this is Monmouth, where British and American units were getting affecting by the heat.



Artificial Unit Values - Never a fan of artificial unit values. I like games that portray real world unit strengths. If The 1st Virginia Regiment had 800 troops in the regiment, why portray them with a unit value of 12? Why not identify units by the actual amount of troops they had historically. Adding such an element will immerse the player a great deal more into the game.

Cannot view strength in strategic view - I really enjoy using the strategic view feature but you can?t see the strength of your unit in this view. So before I attack an enemy unit I have to zoom in, check to see if they have enough strength, then zoom back out to attack. I hope this gets fixed in a patch.

Only 1 major battle included in game - The game only has 1 Major battle in its scenario pool - the Battle of Monmouth - the rest are smaller less known engagements. While a great scenario I wanted to see other major battles like Saratoga, Yorktown, Trenton, Brooklyn, etc.

No multiplayer & not enough scenarios - Only 5 scenarios. There should be a lot more, especially when the game doesn't have a multiplayer aspect to it and costs $10.


What I?d Like

Campaign mode - I would love a feature where I can play the American Revolution start to finish. Start with The Battle of Lexington and Concord and be able to rewrite history. Perhaps have a game, where the British win the war at Trenton.

iPhone version - An iPhone version would be great, especially with the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. The screens are larger and can accommodate a great playing experience.

Multiplayer - This would be a great and possibly necessary feature to have in this game, especially since there are only 5 scenarios.



So after playing Rebels and Redcoats quite a bit I must say I do enjoy the game. It is my go to American Revolution game on the iPad. A few shortcomings stand out like only 5 scenarios to play, no major battles other than Monmouth and no multiplayer; however, overall I?m happy with it. Question is though ? is it worth the $10 it retails for?

That depends on how much you want a good American Revolution game. I really enjoy games set in this period so I decided to pick it up. I do feel though that Hunted Cow should have added at least more 5 battles, especially for that price. Overall though I believe this does the job ? for now.


Rebels and Redcoats website can be found here.



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