Scourge of War: Pipe Creek

By Jean Marciniak 09 Oct 2013 0

After reviewing all the expansions and DLC of Scourge of War: Gettysburg there was one final title I had yet to play. Scourge of War: Pipe Creek. Now this is not a full expansion pack or sequel, it?s basically a DLC. It adds six scenarios surrounding a 'What If' battle. What if the Union army never met the Confederates at Gettysburg, but instead the Confederates march south and attacked the Union's formidable fortifications at Pipe Creek. Let?s see how this DLC pans out.


Before I go into the pros and cons I want to mention that the majority of this game is basically the same to previous Scourge of War games. No major changes were implemented so what I?m going to add in this review is to discuss the pros and cons this title brings to the rest of the Scourge of War series. Visit my earlier reviews regarding the Scourge of War series.



What If Scenarios - I love What If scenarios! I love being able to rewrite history. In Pipe Creek I felt as the Confederates did at Gettysburg. I had only a vague idea where the Union army was, and even if I found them I had to devise an attack plan quickly. This is stuff I LOVE doing. Probably explains why I and so many other people love sandbox games. This game provides you with direct command of each of the Confederate Corps. Your job is to split the Federal line and destroy the enemy.


Scenarios revolve around Corps / Army Control - thankfully most of the scenarios that came with the DLC were centered around Corps/Army commands. I love being in command of large groups of troops, so this way I can implement my grand strategy battle plan and I don?t have to take orders from any higher ups LOL. It?s fun being the boss.


Really like the Graphics - I mentioned this in the previous reviews of Scourge of War series, but I have to mention this again. I really like the graphics in this game. They?re not Total War quality, but seeing your cannons and soldiers fire their weapons, and seeing smoke fill the battlefield gives you the sense of actually being there.



AI - the AI is hit or miss. Sometimes you tell one commander to take this hill and they do it. And sometimes they do it so well you wish you could promote the guy, BUT the other half of the time you tell a general go here and attack, and they decide to go the opposite direction. Or you tell your reserve division commander to move forward and support the attack and 15 minutes later he's still standing there. 

Now originally I thought this was a bug, but from what I?ve been told by other fans and the developer this is a feature. OK. They mentioned to me that in the Civil War sometimes commanders didn't get the orders because the courier got lost, or the commander  just simply refused to follow them. That?s fine, but this isn't 1863. This is a game and I?m just playing to have fun. I don't need to get frustrated during the game because my commanders won't listen to my orders, and now I have to do more micro management because of this feature. Sometimes too much realism is too much.


Mini Map - when you?re commanding large groups of troops as you can imagine it can get daunting. So a mini map detailing the locations of your brigades, divisions, artillery etc. is a big help. Unfortunately if you leave out a way to issue orders through the mini map it becomes a hassle. Now I was told by some fans and the developer that if you select a unit on the map, then open the mini map and use a hot key you can tell that unit where to go. But if you watch my video you can see this is not simple or intuitive. It?s more of a hassle. I would strongly recommend including a way that you can just open the mini map, click on a unit and tell it to go over here. Simple. Intuitive. Going from mini map back to map then back to mini map to get something done is a hassle.



So after hours of playing Pipe Creek I must admit I do like this DLC. I can't stop playing the game, primarily because it feels epic and I love 'what if' battles.

Scourge of War: Pipe Creek retails for 9.99 and honestly if you?re a Scourge of War fan or just want to see what it would feel like to be the commanding general? I would recommend picking it up. The hours of enjoyment you will get from each of the 6 scenarios is totally worth the $9.99.

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