The Bloody Road South

By Jean Marciniak 10 Feb 2014 0

It?s been 5 months since Civil War II was released by developer, AGEOD. The game received great reviews, but for all that it offered it was missing something. It was missing scenarios that revolved around two key aspects of the Civil War. Gettysburg and The Fall of The South. Now AGEOD is back with its expansion to the game that tries to fill that void.

Is it able to? Let's find out.

Before I begin I just want to mention this will be a review of the expansion pack - The Bloody Road South - not the full game of Civil War II. If you want that review visit (review at, or for more coverage.




The missing scenarios are here - two out of the three scenarios I wanted to see in Civil War II are now here. One of them covering 1863 and the other covering 1864. These two are crucial in my book because 1863 covers the Confederate invasion of Pennsylvania (Gettysburg) and the other covers the Fall of The South. What I love about these scenarios is they give the player the option to change history. So instead of fighting at Gettysburg this time you can take Longstreet's advice and move south. The possibilities are endless. If you want to find out what was the last scenario I wanted in the game jump down to Recommendations at the end of the review.


More battle sounds - one interesting thing I picked up while playing the game is the inclusion of new sound effects during battles. So when two armies smash into each other and battle begins you can now hear cannon, musketry, even soldiers shouting CHARGE! and RETREAT! A nice addition to the game.


Game performance is a bit smoother - I noticed moving around the map is a little bit smoother than before. Now it still needs some work so that when you move around the map it flows rather than jumps, but it's a welcomed improvement.


Battles now last longer - back when Civil War II came out battles lasted all of 2 seconds. When two armies met each other a meter popped up on the screen detailing how the battle was going. Unfortunately that meter stayed on the screen for a second, and then it disappeared with a notification of who won or lost. This felt too quick in my opinion. It took the epicness of two great armies smashing into each other out of the picture. Now, thankfully, this has been fixed. So when Lee smashes into Grants army you hear cannon, you hear muskets, and you get a better idea of how bloody the battle is.



Army formations are clumsy - I'm not a fan of how armies are setup in these scenarios. Instead of an army being a whole unit it's broken up by Corps, Artillery and HQ. So when you want to move an army you need to delegate orders to half a dozen separate units, and this is just for one army ... imagine doing this for a dozen more units. It's a bit of a hassle. If you watch the video review you'll get what I mean.


Organizing the army is still frustrating - I mentioned this in my previous review, but I need to add this in again. Civil War II uses a card based system to display and manage your commanders, divisions, brigades, artillery, and supply trains. Now that's a lot of units to display on screen especially if you?re managing a army of 80,000 men. The game only displays 10 cards at a time, so get ready to do A LOT of clicking. I feel this card based system works great ... for board games ... not computer games. There's a better way to display and manage your army through a computer interface.


Battle result disappeared - just a little hiccup. This doesn't happen all the time, but after some battles I notice the game doesn't display who won the battle. It displays the location of the battle, the year, the month and even the day but not who won. I really don't need to see the year or month when the battle took place as this information is always present on the screen. This is obviously a bug, but something I noticed and hope to be fixed.



An 1865 scenario - I would like to have a scenario added that puts you in shoes of Bobby Lee during his retreat west from Richmond, just before the surrender at Appomattox. I want to see if I could save the army and try to turn things around, even though the whole Confederacy was coming apart.



So after playing Civil War II - The Bloody Road South I must say this expansion reignited my excitement for the game. Before the expansion came out I was playing the game less and less and moving on to other new titles. But now I'm being sucked back in. This is a welcome addition to Civil War II.

Now the game retails for $19.99, so is it worth the price? Well I can tell you at least for me the addition of an 1863 and an 1864 campaign is my deciding factor. I always wanted to be put in charge of the Confederacy during its final days, so $20 is well worth it.


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