The Fury of 1945

By Jean Marciniak 17 Dec 2014 0

Ed ? the Christmas holiday is often a time for watching movies, and here Jean Marciniak offers us a review of Fury, a WW2 film. 


When I first saw the trailer for this upcoming movie I deemed it a must see. World War 2, tanks, and Brad Pitt -  how can it go wrong? So I took a friend to see the movie and expected to see a really good World War 2 flick. Well let?s find out how it turned out. 


True to Life - I was surprised at how this movie portrayed Allied soldiers in World War 2. It didn't portray them as bad men out to do bad things ? no not at all. However, it did portray them as real human beings involved in a bloody, horrific war. Soldiers that had to make life and death decisions every minute of every day. Some of those decisions were bad and some were good. There were times where I thought the main characters were going to cross that line. The line that separates the bad from the horrific. 

Don't expect this movie to be A Bridge Too Far, or Gettysburg where you see the good guys always doing the right thing. This movie shows how soldiers dealt with the reality of war.


Accurate Battle Strategies - One thing I noticed about this movie is how accurate the battles and tactics were. For example -  in 1944 The Sherman tank was no match for many of the tanks the Germans were putting into the field. And this movie clearly portrays that. It doesn't falsify the facts by portraying the Sherman tanks as invulnerable, which some other movies have done. It gives you the truth. It took many Sherman's to take out 1 Panzer. And tank crews paid the price for that. 


Incredible performances - The main actors in the film - Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman, Shia LaBeouf, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal - all did incredible jobs. They brought their characters to life with their performances. Again they didn't portray them as fairy tale American soldiers. They showed them as real human beings caught up in a conflict where blood and death were a way of life. Shia LaBeouf, who before this film I was not a fan of due to his role in the Transformers movies, did a great job in his role, so much so that now I look forward to his next film. Lastly the performances of Brad Pitt and Logan Lerman were the most powerful. They were the main characters in the film. The new buck Private who didn't know nothing of war. And The Veteran Sergeant whose job was to make him a Soldier. It made for a very interesting movie. 


Gory - Prepare yourself. This is Saving Private Ryan gory. The movie does not hold back on the realities of war, so if you plan to bring your wife, girlfriend, or significant other to the movie be sure they?re OK with seeing blood and guts. I did appreciate how instead of glorifying war it showed the realities of it. That people die, horrifically, and tragically. It will give you a sense of thankfulness to those who fight and die so we don't have to. 



After seeing this movie I have judged it to be the best film I?ve seen of 2014. The cast did a great job, the movie was accurate, and it didn't hold back. Just like with Saving Private Ryan it allowed you to see the difficult choices and the unimaginable life soldiers in World War 2 had to deal with ? every single day. It gave me a greater appreciation for all those who serve, especially those who served during this war. 

I highly recommend seeing it and then adding it to your movie collection.



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