Ultimate General Gettysburg we review the iPad Edition

By Jean Marciniak 06 May 2015 0

Around a year ago developer Games Lab released Ultimate General: Gettysburg to some acclaim. Regular contributor to Wargamer.com, Jean Marciniak, reviewed it and concluded that “If you have any interest in The Civil War or The Battle of Gettysburg this game is a MUST BUY” – pretty clear! Now jean is back looking at the iPad version of the game. Can it live up to the desktop version?

We also carried an interview by Jean with the developers; readers may wish to check it out here. Now read on for the iOS review …



The iPad edition of one of the best desktop Civil War games is here and I decided to see if it can stack up against its big brother. Let’s see how it does …





Amazing graphics - The graphics of this game are absolutely beautiful. Seeing a brigade fire a volley never gets old. The developer did a great job transitioning the game to the iPad.

Beautiful map - Another big PRO in my book is how beautiful the map looks. Compared to other games it outdoes the competition.

Line of Sight…perfected - As with the desktop version the developer nailed how Line of Sight should work in strategy games.



Not the full desktop game - Unfortunately many scenarios didn't make their way from the desktop version. In total you’re looking at only 25% of the scenarios on the iPad version.

Have to go in order to play the game - I don’t understand why developers do this, but if I shell out money for a game I want to be able to play whatever scenario I want to play when I want to play it and not have to play in the order the developer wants me to.

Unit losses don't transfer to next scenario - This is something I wish the developer would fix. It’s really not immersive when I have a brigade that takes 60% losses, and then in the next scenario is back up to full strength.



I wish roads would allow troops to move faster - I would love to see a feature added whereby if I move a brigade by road they move considerably faster than moving through a field.

Wish I can order units to move from line to column - Currently the game adjusts this for you but I would love a manual option to be included. There are times on the battlefield where I want my unit to go from line to column formation, so I can redeploy them to key areas on the line.



After playing hours and hours of this game I came to the conclusion that this is my favorite Civil War game for the iPad. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and it has the hours flying by. I would strongly recommend adding this to your iPad collection, even if you have the desktop version.



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