Title Published Genre Platform Score
Lock n’ Load Tactical Digital Review Apr 02 Boardgame Not Rated
Fantasy General 2: Onslaught Review Mar 23 Turn-Based Strategy Not Rated
Panzer Corps 2 Review Mar 19 Turn-Based Strategy Not Rated
Steel Division 2: Fate of Finland Review Mar 16 Real-Time Strategy Not Rated
Carrier Battles 4 Guadalcanal Review Mar 12 Simulation iOS Not Rated
Blood and Valor Review Mar 11 Table-Top Not Rated
Pacific Go Review Mar 09 Boardgame Not Rated
Battle for Iwo Jima Review Mar 04 Turn-Based Strategy Not Rated
Hearts of Iron 4: La Résistance Review Feb 25 Real-Time Strategy Not Rated
Command LIVE: Operation Broken Shield 300 Review Feb 24 Not Rated
A Las Barricadas! Review Feb 19 Boardgame Not Rated
Napoleon in Russia review Feb 17 Turn-Based Strategy Not Rated
Undaunted: Normandy Review Jan 23 Boardgame Not Rated