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By Jake Tucker 06 Jan 2015 0

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Like a fine wine or a Colt 1911 - this one gets better with age. Originally coming out in 1999, Modders have stepped in to give this game a whole new lease of life. The most recent release of popular mod JA2 1.13 has seen series fans old and new jumping in for a fresh start. 

Maybe it?s time you found out why ? 


What Is Jagged Alliance 2? 

Jagged Alliance 2 is, as you would imagine, the second in the Jagged Alliance series. It?s a TBT game, released by Sir-Tech in 1999. 

It was beloved on release for an unrelenting approach to combat, unforgiving mechanics and a totally free-form narrative. You spend a while trying to pick a balanced team (it?s not) and look over some dossiers to maybe get a sense of what?s going on (you won?t) before being dropped straight into combat in one of the quieter towns of Arulco. Every merc has their own personality, and from time to time you?ll be forced to take the role of combat HR manager, keeping problematic troops away from each other before tempers get to boiling point. This means sometimes your dream team can have problems before you even wade into your first city. 

There?s a brief bit of storyline but you?re soon just left to your own devices. What?s fascinating is that even in the base game you can feel up against it. Time is your big enemy initially. Weapon shipments, bullet wounds and training militia to guard the sectors you capture, these things all take time. Your better mercenaries are all on quite tight timed contracts. This means you?ll probably have a few false starts before you manage to hit the ground running fast enough to make an impact and take over one of Aruco?s mines for your own source of income, but you?ll remember these early failures fondly, making big mistakes and learning valuable lessons. 

There?s a sci-fi option that adds aliens and laser guns, but I prefer to keep it realistic. 

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How Does It Play Now? 

It?s still got a unique feel and energy to it that makes it a joy to play. Assaulting the island?s prison under cover of darkness with some dodgy scavenged night vision goggles and gas masks is still gripping. Your characters are scrabbling through the corpses of the dead to try and find a few more rounds of 5.56 ammo for the next fight. 

You have a lot of different approaches that you can attempt and many of these are memorable, but due to some balance issues never quite addressed with the base game means that recruiting a team of ?night ops? skilled mercenaries means that emerging into the daylight is silly. You can still enjoy everything the vanilla game has to offer, you?re just going to have an easier time if you become that which goes bump in the night. This is a small blip on what is otherwise an incredibly strong game, but has long since been remedied by the still active mod community. 

Once you hit your stride you?ll find yourself slugging your way through Arulco?s cities and woodland and defending your gains against the loyalist counter attacks. Every action feels urgent, and time again rears its ugly head as you try to manage the logistics of the revolution.  


Technically Speaking 

Operating system dependant, I?m fairly certain any machine in your house could run this game without breaking a sweat. Its turn based and graphically not that intensive, so the only grunt work to the game is the calculations. 

In terms of graphics options you?ve got a whole raft, including the option to turn off the blood and guts. The vanilla game doesn?t support many high resolutions, but if you haven?t got the message yet it?s my strong opinion you should be playing the game with mods to get the best out of it. 

The game looks pretty good considering the low quality models. The interface/models have probably aged better on this than the other TBT?s that were popular around the same time period (Silent Storm, X-Com). 



I?d recommend playing this game exclusively with the total overhaul mod 1.13. 1.13 rebalances the game and AI while adding in a few hundred extra weapons and introducing mechanics like webbing, suppression and weather effects. It gets an update once a year or so and the most recent one has brought construction so you can re-enforce your control centres with sandbags and defensive walls. 

It?s an extensive modification that adds massively to the tactical depth of the game. Usually I?d be worried that this might make the game a little convoluted but Jagged Alliance 2 is so good at providing feedback to player decisions that adding additional layers to it doesn?t actually make it any harder to play, although it does increase the amount of options at your disposal. 

If you?ve ploughed through it and want more of the same, try Deidrianna Lives. I?ve never finished this one because I had some issues getting it to work with 1.13 - but it feels like the changes are fairly subtle. You can get a 1.13 compatible version from here 

If you wanted something completely different, why not try fighting in a city with Urban Chaos, which drops you in a concrete jungle, the most testing of JA2?s battlegrounds. AI is more aggressive and more numerous so check those corners. You can get that 1.13 compatible version here. 


Is This Right For Me? 

I?ve written about a couple of other games for Wargamer and hopefully I?ll be writing about a few more, but I can recommend a tactical experience more than this one. Press on through the unforgiving start, because once you?ve knocked a couple of radio outposts down and you have an ?A? team of fully equipped mercs, the game falls into place. 

I?d love to hear some of your stories from the game! You can grab it from Steam here or from Good Old Games here. Both are the ?gold? versions of the game, but the base sequel is much better than unfinished business.



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