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By Jean Marciniak 15 Oct 2014 0

Before I dive into this first look I want you to know I hate giving bad reviews. I always wish the developer would make a great game so I can share it with you and fill our days with some gaming enjoyment. Unfortunately this is not so with this game.

Let?s start with the video ? here you can see how I got on playing the game first time around. Pros. Cons and Conclusions afterwards.



Nice Map - The map is somewhat good. Not spectacular but quite nice.

And ? yup, that?s all the pro?s I?m afraid!



Bugs - If you move the map between turns a bug will pop up where you can no longer see units moving from province to province.

More Bugs - Sound is disabled when you start the game. You have to dig through the User Interface, which isn't designed clearly, to find the on button.

Uninformative Combat System - When two armies collide the battle is automatically calculated. You don't see how many losses you inflicted on the enemy or how many they inflicted on you.

Poor Gameplay Mechanics - US troops can?t go into British or French provinces. My troops on the western coast of Africa couldn?t move inland because those provinces were French owned, so they had to just sit there. And when I played the British I couldn't move troops from England to France. This is a major design issue.

No Diplomacy System - I could not find any diplomacy system in the game, even though the games description says you can ally with other nations. Maybe it is there and I missed it; not a good sign either way.

Only One Scenario - There is only 1 scenario in the game and it starts in 1938 - and it?s horribly designed. First, its 1938 and World War 2 already started. Second, the USA is already in the war. Third they have already deployed troops to Africa. Whoever designed this scenario did not know what they were doing.

Artificial Strength System ? A bugbear of mine as regular readers will know. Unfortunately the game doesn?t use real unit strength values e.g. 5,000 troops; they give each unit a artificial value between 1-10. How fun is it to play a game where you inflict 5 damage on the enemy? I rather play a game where I attack a unit and inflict 3,000 casualties on their division.



I?m afraid this by far has been one of the worst games I have played. It?s completely broken. It doesn't even feel half done. It feels like they finished 10% of the game and then released it. For $10 they are charging a high price for a completely unsatisfying game. I was hoping this was going to be a mini Hearts of Iron for my iPad and iPhone. I was wrong.

Basically, as it stands I really cannot recommend this game. If you want to play Hearts of Iron for the iPad wait for Paradox Interactive to make one. From what I hear it?s in development.



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