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Mantic’s answer to Warhammer 40k gets new 2-player starter

The starter kit for the sci-fi war game is packed with awesome miniatures as well as a starter guide, rule book, dice, and tokens.

Mantic Games is accepting pre-orders for a new two-player starter set for Firefight, its answer to sci-fi miniature wargame behemoth Warhammer 40k, and it’s crammed with miniatures.

Mantic Games has a reputation for making games similar to Warhammer 40k, with a more affordable price tag, but don’t think for a second that their products are just ‘Warhammer, but cheap’. Mantic’s Firefight universe is distinctive, with its own lore, rules, and unique factions that don’t map directly onto the Warhammer 40k factions.

Mantic Games Firefight 2 player starter set contents

The new two-player set includes Asterian, a highly advanced alien species that uses robot drones to fight its battles – think Necrons meets Eldar. They’re facing off against the Nightstalkers, extra-dimensional nightmare entities made from bad dreams, a new addition to the game – similar to the 40k Chaos Daemons.

Diving deeper into the contents of the box, the Aesterian set includes 20 hard plastic Marionettes, four hard plastic Support Drones, six hard plastic Cyphers, six hard plastic Matsudan, one resin Cypher Prime, and all of the required bases.

The Nightstalker army includes 20 hard plastic Scarecrows/Spectres, 10 hard plastic Reapers, six hard plastic Butchers, one resin Shade, and the required bases. 

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If you want to get in on this intense intergalactic battle, then you can pre-order the Edge of Sanity: Firefight Two-Player Set from the Mantic Games website now ready for its release. If you act quickly, there’s currently a special offer on that includes a free set of sci-fi scatter terrain, that’s sure to make your battles even more immersive.

For the Mantic-curious, this is a greater starter pack to get you introduced to the Warpath Universe. While it hasn’t been around for as long as the Space Marines and the Imperium of Man, the lore is very detailed and well realized and is certainly worth checking out for any wargamer looking for a new experience. 

Mantic even released a family-friendly dungeon crawler in the vein of HeroQuest. We liked what we saw of Dungeon Saga Origins and got to chat with CEO Ronnie Renton, who’s enthusiasm was infectious. Check out our behind-the-scenes to learn more about Mantic.