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Two superb Warhammer 40k RPGs are up for Ennie awards

Warhammer 40,000 Roleplay: Imperium Maledictum, and Wrath and Glory: Threat Assessment Xenos, are nominated in different categories.

Both of the Warhammer 40,000 RPGs published by Cubicle 7 Games have been nominated for this year’s Ennie Awards. The limited edition Imperium Maledictum core rulebook is up for ‘Best Art, Interior’, while the Wrath and Glory supplement Threat Assessment Xenos is in the running for ‘Best Monster / Adversary’.

The Ennies are an annual award for the best tabletop roleplaying games. A panel of judges make nominations from game samples submitted by publishers, and the shortlist for each category is then opened to a public vote to decide the overall winner. The actual awards are given out at GenCon, which this year will be the first weekend in August.

You can see all the 2024 Nominees on the Ennies website; voting will be open from July 12 to July 21.

Warhammer 40k Imperium Maledictum - art of a tech priest in red robes with bionic augmentations exploring an alien structure

The Wargamer team are unapologetic fans of all Cubicle 7’s Warhammer 40k and Warhammer RPGs. I’ve recently wrapped up the first adventure in an Imperium Maledictum campaign, while editor Alex Evans plays a huge Kurnuoth Hunter in an ongoing Age of Sigmar Soulbound campaign.

Imperium Maledictum is a game of grim and perilous investigations. Released in 2023, it feels like a modernisation or unofficial sequel to the classic Warhammer 40k RPGs that began with 2008’s Dark Heresy, using a similar D100 system and an equally lethal approach to combat damage – one or two good shots and you’re out.

Warhammer 40k Imperium Maledictum RPG art, a huge void ship travels past an even larger space installation

The nomination for Best Interior Art is well deserved. Imperium Maledictum’s art does an excellent job conveying the decaying, gothic world of the Imperium of Man, while still capturing a sense of bombast and scale.

It also conveys the balance of action, investigation, and peril in the game accurately. The game supports combat well, but it’s only one part of wider stories of investigation and mystery – something the art reflects.

Warhammer 40k Wrath and Glory threat assessment Xenos cover

Meanwhile, Threat Assessment Xenos is a monster manual that takes all the Xenos Warhammer 40k factions and brings them into the Wrath & Glory RPG. Wrath & Glory is far more action packed and high-octane than Imperium Maledictum, with players able to create powerful characters like Space Marines or Primaris Psykers, so this supplement brings the biggest gribblies from the 40k setting out to play.

If you want to learn more, here I am waxing lyrical about five great features of Imperium Maledictum. It’s up against many other great games for best Interior Art, including the goretastic Vampire vs Nazi slasher game Eat the Reich – check out Wargamer’s Eat the Reich review to learn why it’s a worthy contender.