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Warhammer 40k fan creates cursed Danny DeVito cherub mini

A fan of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Warhammer 40,000 combined his hobbies to make one of the most cursed models we've ever seen.

Warhammer 40k Danny DeVito cherub kitbash mini is cursed - photo by the mini's creator Trevor Clifford showing the Danny DeVito cherub model on a Warhammer 40k art background

Games Workshop’s sci-fi wargame Warhammer 40k has some of the most creative fans around, endlessly crafting their own modifications of popular miniatures. Now, one fan has combined his love for the sitcom It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia with his wargaming hobby, creating a delightfully cursed Danny DeVito cherub mini that displays a striking resemblance to the Frank Reynolds actor.

This disturbing yet magnificent creation is the work of Trevor Clifford, who goes by McSlides on Reddit. His post displaying the dual-wielding DeVito-cherub was an instant hit on the Warhammer 40k subreddit, quickly reaching 4.7k upvotes. So anyway, I started blasting questions at Clifford, to find out a bit more about the man behind the mini.

“He’s part of a Philadelphia-themed Warhammer 40k diorama I’m working on for PAX Unplugged’s painting contest,” he tells us. “Devito’s unique body type was the perfect fit for a cherub, and he is the cherry on top of the pile of Philly references I am trying to squeeze into this project.”

Clifford created a digital kitbash for the mini, cobbling together parts from five different sources, combined with his own sculpting – then flesh-melded them together, Drukhari style, to make something more terrible than we could ever have imagined. 

“I like to sculpt in VR since it feels more organic and with the adjustable sense of scale you can make your miniatures feel life-size,” says Clifford.

Warhammer 40k Danny DeVito cherub kitbash mini is cursed - photo by the mini's creator Trevor Clifford showing the Danny DeVito cherub model on a white background, being held in fingertips

And he remarks that Devito’s deranged dad character would fit in well with the Cawdor gang in Necromunda, as well as it would in any of the regular, Imperium-aligned Warhammer 40k factions where we traditionally see these baroque cyber-cherubs in official GW media.

“Frank Reynolds should fit in well as someone who regularly inhabits piles of garbage,” he adds. “I’m really excited for people to see the final diorama.”

Unlike cherubs from biblical myths, 40k’s cherubs are cybernetic creatures constructed by the Magi Biologis, who are often used by agents of the Warhammer 40k Inquisition as familiars. Their psychic abilities make them perfect for assisting interrogations, but we think Clifford’s pistol-toting cherub is more of a frontline fighter.

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