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Warhammer 40k Fabius Bile gets the fabulous pride treatment

A creative wargaming fan has given Warhammer 40K's enigmatic mad scientist a fabulous makeover with a colorful pride-themed paintjob.

Warhammer 40K pride

A creative Warhammer 40k fan has given the genial yet psychopathic scientist Fabius Bile a vibrant paint job, adorning his armor and robes with Pride flags. In celebration of Pride month, Adam, AKA SoylentRobot, created the custom mini to honor the LGBTQ+ community.

The deranged genetic scientist has gone by many names – Clone Lord, Primogenitor, Manflayer, and Spider – but now, he has a new name – Fabulous Bile. Yes, the queer community has claimed the chaos lord as one of their own. We caught up with the creator of the mini to find out more.

Warhammer 40k Fabius Bile pride tweet

“I do a Pride mini every year,” Adam tells Wargamer. “Looking around for minis to paint, I found him and thought it’d be a fun challenge to do each panel of his coat in a different pride flag.”

They explained that the flags were, by far, the trickiest part of the miniature to paint. “The stripes are a few millimeters wide, and the panels they were going on were in awkward shapes or had other details laid over them. I got all the flags done first and then it took a lot of focus to make sure I didn’t get any paint on them when painting the rest of Fabius.”

The custom paint job took Adam just over a week to create, spending an hour or so each day working on it, admitting that they “winged it”. “I’ve always liked mad scientist characters like Dr. Frankenstein and Herbert West, and it’s so cool that we get one who is also a power-armored superhuman,” Adam adds. “I also like how he’s not really corrupted by chaos like the other Chaos Marine characters are.”

Who would you like to see get a pride makeover next? We’d like to see daddy Rogal Dorn, serving with a flamboyant look.

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