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Indie mini maker designs a Warhammer 40k X-wing mashup

Mortian Tank, a design studio that makes resin vehicle kits with a Warhammer 40,000 aesthetic, has teased a Star Wars-inspired fighter.

Warhammer 40k X-wing-style fighter plane by Mortian Tank

If you’ve ever wondered what the Adeptus Mechanicus’ tech priests would do with the plans to a Star Wars X-Wing, look no further than this upcoming design by German mini studio Mortian Tank. Mortian specializes in creating vehicles that would look right at home in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, but this new fighter has also taken inspiration from a galaxy far, far away.

We’ll emphasize that this isn’t an official Warhammer 40k kit, and Mortian isn’t acting under license from Games Workshop. Mortian’s vehicles riff on a set of aesthetic principles that most people will be familiar with from Warhammer 40k factions, such as the prolific use of rivets and deep panel lines, by which originate in early military tank design.

Side view of a Warhammer 40k X-wing-style fighter plane by Mortian Tank

Mortian shared photos of the upcoming design on their Instagram, though hasn’t given a timeframe for when a finished version of the model will be on sale on their website. Its next step will be testing the design with a 3D printer before it moves to production.

The profile of the cockpit and fuselage on this fighter design is very, very Star Wars. It’s remarkable how iconic that single element of design is, because the long thin nose and cheese-wedge canopy are about the only part of the vehicle that is a direct reference to the X-wing design.

Close up on the cockpit of a Warhammer 40k X-wing-style fighter plane by Mortian Tank

This plane only has two wings, not the distinctive double s-foil of the Incom Corporation T-65B X-Wing; the guns are mounted in the middle of the wing rather than the tips; the nose has canard wings and nose guns that are absent from the X-wing; and the rear turret mount means there’s no space for an astrodroid assistant.

Rear view of a Warhammer 40k X-wing-style fighter plane by Mortian Tank

While Mortian does sell a few kits as STLs for home 3D printing, it produces most of its models in cold hard resin. No parts of its range are direct analogies to anything in a given Warhammer 40k army (you won’t find any classic Space Marines vehicles like the Land Raider or Rhino, for example), but they will sit harmoniously alongside them.

If you’re a treadhead, or simply like grimdark sci-fi, the Mortian line is well worth perusing. We’re particularly fond of the Cyberrats line, which is the most impressively detailed set of sci-fit ratmen you’re likely to see – at least until GW makes Warhammer 40k Skaven a reality.