Warhammer Plus: Hammer and Bolter returns next week

As Warhammer+' headline show Angels of Death goes into "mid-season break", animated anthology Hammer and Bolter has a new trailer

Warhammer Plus Hammer and Bolter new trailer - Warhammer Community screenshot image from hammer and bolter, showing an Eldar Striking Scorpion

Hammer and Bolter, one of two animated TV series released so far for the Games Workshop’s Warhammer+ subscription service, will begin a run of three weekly episodes starting Wednesday, October 6, GW has announced. There’s a rather energetic ‘sizzle’ trailer for the three new episodes, too, which you can watch below.

The three new Hammer and Bolter episodes all focus on Warhammer 40k (the TV show’s ‘Bolter’ aspect). They’re titled ‘Fangs’ – focusing on aspirants to join the Space Wolves Space Marines; ‘In the Garden of Ghosts’ – starring a Warlock and Striking Scorpions of the Craftworld Eldar  (as well as Ultramarines chapter Space Marines) and ‘A Question of Faith’ – which features Sisters of Battle fighting Chaos cultists.

The three new Hammer and Bolter releases will take the place of Blood Angels-themed Warhammer 40k CGI show Angels of Death, which has headlined most weekly Warhammer+ content drops so far. GW says Angels of Death – which released its fifth episode, ‘Tempest’, on Wednesday, September 23 – is now on a “mid-season break”, and will return in November.

In the absence of a new episode of either Angels of Death or Hammer and Bolter on Wednesday, September 29, GW released the first episode of a new studio talk show titled ‘Deep Strike‘, featuring Warhammer TV presenters discussing their favourite parts of GW’s latest series, and interviewing members of the teams behind them.

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The inaugural episode was hosted by regular Warhammer Preview livestream main-man Adam Troke, flanked by Louise Sugden and Wade Pryce, the respective presenters of Warhammer+’ Citadel Masterclass and Loremasters shows.

As well as chatting through their highlights from Angels of Death’s first five episodes, the hosts interviewed cast members, including veteran GW voice actor and Black Library audiobook narrator Toby Longworth.

We don’t yet know if Deep Strike will be a regular feature that extends to future series, although it seems likely.

Warhammer Plus Hammer and Bolter new trailer - Warhammer Community graphic showing the new Warhammer plus content from Wednesday, September 29

Alongside Deep Strike, Wednesday, September 29’s Warhammer Plus content drop added three new in-house show episodes to the platform, including a Battle Report episode featuring the new Kill Team Second Edition Octarius box set forces; a Loremasters episode on Ork Warboss Ghazghkull Thraka; and a Citadel Masterclass painting tutorial on glazing.

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