About Us

Here at Wargamer we write about all things wargaming and D&D, including news, features, guides, reviews, and more. We cover everything that we think is interesting to wargamers – big or small, old or new. With a passionate and dedicated editorial staff, we’re always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our audience.


It’s a small team, sir, but it checks out. Introducing your Wargamer crack editorial squad:

Alex Evans – Editor

As yet untainted by the predations of the Warp – and therefore open to tips, pitches, and feedback!
[email protected]


Callum Bains – Staff Writer

Writer of words and listener of jazz fusion. Loves sprinkling copy with highfalutin adjectives.
[email protected]


Ben Maxwell – Group Editor

Oversees Network N’s editorial sites. Owned an Eldar army once, continually at war with himself.
[email protected]



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Andrew Church – Sales Director

Get in touch for all advertising queries, big or small, and he’ll get you to the right place.
[email protected]



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