The Wargamer was founded in September 1995 as a platform for organising computer or table-top wargames between like-minded individuals. Since then, under the domain name, the site has expanded its content to cover a wide area of computer wargaming – both strategic and tactical – along with board wargames, miniature wargames, historical articles, book reviews, and more. As the industry has evolved, so has, and we endeavour to cover wargaming in all its forms.

We have been recognized as the leading web site for the coverage of war and strategy gaming by numerous international PC gaming magazines and publications. In addition, has received nearly two-dozen accolades and awards for content and design excellence from such organizations as Encyclopedia Britannica, Microsoft France, PCGamer, Computer Gaming World, and PC Magazine.

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Joseph Robinson - Editor-in-Chief

Joe has been in the videogames industry since 2007/8. He started off as a writer for gaming website Strategy Informer, which later evolved into GameWatcher, where he also served as Deputy Editor & Marketing Manager. He’s also written for acclaimed websites such as Rock, Paper, Shotgun & PCGamesN. Prior to becoming EIC at Wargamer Ltd., he spent two years working in Videogames PR, covering eSports and Ent-Tech clients. A lot of his experience and personal passion however lies with strategy games – he practically grew up on the Total War series, and also enjoys Paradox’s Grand Strategy series. Offline, he’s a regular boardgamer and likes to play card games such as the second edition of the A Game of Thrones LCG.

Bill Gray

Bill Gray is a retired Colonel, US Army Intelligence. He first ran into wargames when shopping for college, a little morsel from Avalon Hill called Panzerblitz. After college he was initially stationed at FT Hood, TX and first saw the cavalcade of color in a Napoleonic historical miniature games. He was hooked and although he continues to enjoy cardboard and digital wargames, his first love remains historical miniatures. He is a life member of the US Historical Miniatures Gaming Society where he served on the Board of Directors and in other positions until admitted to the HMGS Legion of Honor when he retired. Bill has over 18,000 miniatures, has published a very successful set of Napoleonic rules with expansions and has written articles for such diverse publications as Wargames Illustrated, 1st Empire, Strategy & Tactics and Napoleon. He is also an officer of the British Pike and Shot Society, and spends most of his time painting and finishing his final set of tabletop rules - Age of Valor (Europe at War 1848 thru 1914).

James Cobb

Jim Cobb had been playing board wargames since 1961 and computer wargames since 1982. He had been writing incessantly since 1993 to keep his mind off the drivel he dealt with as a bureaucrat. He has been published in Wargamer's Monthly, Computer Gaming World, Computer Games Magazine, Computer Games Online, CombatSim, Armchair General, Subsim and Strategyzone Online. He was adjunct faculty at Cardinal Stritch University. He passed away in January 2018.

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