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Here at Wargamer we write about all things tabletop games and wargaming, including news, guides, reviews, features, and more. We cover everything we think is interesting to wargamers – big or small, old or new. With a passionate and dedicated editorial staff, we’re always looking to make the site and our coverage better for our audience.


It’s a small team, sir, but it checks out. Introducing your Wargamer crack editorial squad:

Headshot image of Alex Evans, Wargamer.com editor

Alex Evans – Editor

Story seeker, hopeless Warhammer 40k addict, and your port of call for tips, pitches, and feedback! Tweets at @Evostein.
[email protected]


Headshot image of Matt Bassil, Wargamer.com staff writer

Matt Bassil – Staff Writer

Wargamer’s resident MTG deck-builder, Matt enjoys installing too many mods, and failing to finish campaigns.
[email protected]


Headshot image showing Wargamer.com staff writer Mollie Russell

Mollie Russell – Staff Writer

Player of roles, speaker of words – Mollie is a keen poet (when she’s not on DnD adventures).
[email protected]


Headshot image showing Wargamer.com staff writer Tim Linward

Tim Linward – Staff Writer

A miniature wargames aficionado, Tim adores all flavors of Warhammer – nearly as much as obscure board games you’ve never heard of.
[email protected]


Headshot image showing Network N Media Senior Ecommerce Writer Adam Randall

Adam Randall – Senior Ecommerce Writer

From Space Hulk to Top Trumps, Adam delights in the world of board, card, and tabletop games.
[email protected]


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Andrew Church – Sales Director

Get in touch for all advertising queries, big or small, and he’ll get you to the right place.
[email protected]

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Corporate information

Wargamer (known as The Wargamer prior to 2015) was founded by Mario Kroll in September 1995. It was purchased by Network N in February 2018, and today remains a wholly owned-and-operated subsidiary of Network N Media Limited.

The site focused primarily on coverage of computer wargames until its relaunch in January 2021 – since when it has shifted to produce an expanding range of content on tabletop games of all kinds.

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