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Iconic tile game Azul is now 44% off

If you haven't played the iconic tile game, Azul, yet add it to your collection now because it's 44% off if you order it through Amazon.

Azul images spliced together - the first shows tiles on the main game board, the second shows tiles on the factory spaces.

While many games can tell gripping stories and teleport you to far-off fantastical worlds, there’s something almost therapeutic about tile games like Azul. If you’ve never given this award-winning tile game a try, now’s your chance, as it’s currently 44% off on Amazon.

Azul is a game for up to four players, and can be played in just 30-45 minutes. Ultimately, it’s a game that’s all about making beautiful patterns. You and the other players will take it in turns to place your tiles onto the board, or to claim tiles that are already on the board.

The very loose story behind the game is that you are playing as tile-laying artists who have been tasked with decorating the Royal Palace of Evora. You can pick tiles of different colours from ‘factories’, and then find the best place on the board to earn the most points.

Part of the reason that Azul has been so successful is that it’s one of those games that is simple enough for anybody (over the age of eight) to enjoy, but which has many hidden depths. The more you play, the more you’ll begin to develop different strategies.

Buy now

If you know anyone who’s looking to branch out in their board game collecting, Azul could make a great entry point.

We don’t know exactly how long Amazon is going to keep this 44% discount running for, so if you want to get Azul, don’t drag your feet. It would be a shame to have to pay full price when you can save nearly half price. Unfortunately, if you’re shopping in the UK, it’s only a 31% discount.

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