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Marvel Funko Pops: The best Marvel and MCU figurines

With so many superheroes and villains to add to your Marvel Funko Pop collection, here are the best Avengers to assemble and villains to choose from

Best Marvel Funko Pops Halloween Vision Promo Photo

In the current world of media and pop culture, both Marvel and Funko Pops are the ideal toy for comic book fans and collectors alike. The MCU is expanding rapidly, and that means the best Marvel Funko Pops are too.

Marvel has a library of more than 7,000 comic book characters, and many of those are bursting onto the big screen for the first time thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). As we’ve already alluded to, more hot Marvel content means more Marvel Funko Pops – so how are you supposed to keep up with which figures are best for your collection?

Before you have a Hulk-sized meltdown trying to cultivate your own Marvel museum, check out our picks for the best Marvel Funko Pops below. We’ve collated a list of classic, unique, and cute Funkos that would make a great addition to any superhero lineup. However, beware – you may encounter spoilers beyond this point! Many Funko Pops that made our list are tied to iconic MCU moments. If there are any Marvel films that you’ve missed, proceed through the list at your own risk.

These are the best Marvel Funko Pops today:

Best Marvel Funko Pops Spiderman No Way Home Funko Pop

1. Spiderman upgraded suit

At this point, a dedicated collector will have more Spiderman Funko Pops than they’ve had hot dinners. You can own a luchador Spiderman, punk rock Spiderman, and even a Spiderman that just has a paper bag on his head. How on earth are you meant to find the one Spidey to rule them all? Easy, listen to us: it’s Spiderman Upgraded Suit.

With a multiverse of choices available, we think classic is best. No Way Home is the film where Peter Parker truly becomes the Spiderman fans know and love – devastating backstory and all. This film’s take on the classic suit is sleek, and this flying Funko makes a dynamic addition to your superhero shelf.

Best Marvel Funko Pops Doctor Strange Funko Pop

2. Doctor Strange

This master of the mystic arts seems to be everywhere lately – breaking reality in No Way Home, breaking reality in Marvel’s What If?, and (hopefully) saving reality in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Despite all this excitement, we’re feeling nostalgic for a time when Stephen Strange was at his peak (and still sorcerer supreme). This Doctor Strange Funko Pop from the original film nails all the important iconography of the character. The Eye of Agamotto is shining bright, and the Cloak of Levitation is suitably floaty for our standards.

Best Marvel Funko Pops Alligator Loki Funko Pop

3. Alligator Loki

Be honest; Alligator Loki was your favorite variant. If he wasn’t, be more honest. This reptilian variant stole hearts when the Loki Disney+ series first aired, and Funko has managed to make this scaly god of mischief even cuter now he’s cast in bobble-headed plastic.

Alligator Loki has been out of stock at many major retailers for a while now, so you may need to search several different timelines for restocks or second-hand sales if you want Alligator Loki to join your collection. Where’s a TVA TemPad when you need one?

Best Marvel Funko Pops President Loki Funko Pop

4. President Loki

When the Loki series was first announced, comic book fans eagerly shared speculations on which Lokis they expected to see. One popular choice was President Loki from the 2016 comic series Vote Loki – and, naturally, there’s now a President Loki Funko Pop.

This popular choice ended up with less screen time than a Stan Lee cameo in the end. Luckily, you can get a bit more quality time with our favorite trickster’s presidential variant in Funko Pop form.

Best Marvel Funko Pops Dancing Groot Funko Pop

5. Dancing Groot

Marvel and the MCU have always been known for their color and chippiness, but Guardians of the Galaxy really nailed the formula. It also gave us the first cute Marvel mascot on-screen – a tiny, dancing Groot in the credit scenes.

Alright, this Dancing Groot Funko Pop can’t dance. He doesn’t sound much like Vin Diesel either – or anyone, for that matter. But if you plonk him on your office desk and blast some Jackson 5, maybe he’ll start to tap a twig when you’re not looking.

Best Marvel Funko Pops I Am Iron Man Funko Pop

6. I am Iron Man

If you’re after a figure that represents a crucial point in Marvel’s cinematic history, there’s no better choice than this Iron Man Funko Pop. The scene it represents is so iconic that the devastating Endgame quote is even in the figure’s name: ‘I am Iron Man’.

If you’re an Iron Man fan who’s still healing after Avengers: Endgame, then maybe you’re not ready to look this Pop in the eyes. But if you want to remember how this Marvel blockbuster rocked your world for years to come, pick up this Pop in a snap.

Best Marvel Funko Pops Black Widow Funko Pop

7. Black Widow

She’s been a Marvel mainstay since 1964. On-screen, she was the first female Avenger. And now, finally, she has her own solo film. That’s right – we don’t think your Marvel Funko collection could be complete without a Black Widow Funko Pop.

While you can pick up a Funko Pop of Natasha Romanoff in her white solo-film outfit, we think her Avengers: Assemble suit is still the most memorable look for the character. Of course, if you’re a real Black Widow superfan, placing both figures side-by-side is a great way to see just how far the character has come.

Best Marvel Funko Pops Halloween Vision Funko Pop

8. Halloween Vision

The Wandavision series was a melting pot of different comic book storylines for Vision and Scarlet Witch, so there were lots of nods for traditional Marvel fans to enjoy in the series. One of our favorite easter eggs was the Halloween costumes that revamped the super-couples’ original comic costumes.

While it was hard to choose between a Wanda and a Vision Funko Pop for this list, we went with Halloween Vision for the excellent ‘wrestling’ costume. The traffic light face and bright yellow shorts are guaranteed to make your Pops…well, ‘pop’.

Best Marvel Funko Pops Venom Eddie Brock Funko Pop

9. Venom/Eddie Brock

If Spiderman is one of the biggest names among Marvel heroes, it felt fitting to finish off our Funko Pop collection with one of Spiderman’s biggest villains. The sinister symbiote Venom may not officially be in the MCU, but you only have to check out the other Marvel films or a comic to understand the appeal.

This Venom/Eddie Brock Funko Pop perfectly characterizes the viscous villain’s every aspect – that twisted version of the Spiderman logo; that slimy tongue; those needle teeth; even the last remains of Eddie Brock being transformed by symbiote ooze. It’s perfect – if you’re into that sort of thing.

Marvel Funko Pops Captain America with Mjolnir

10. Captain America With Mjolnir

The First Avenger, Marvel superheroes don’t come much more iconic than Captain America. With this Funko Pop, you can recapture the magic of End Game, specifically that scene where Steve Rogers uses Thor’s hammer that made lots of people lose their damn minds in public. Incidentally, clapping and cheering in the cinema? It needs to stop, people.

From the battle damage to Cap’s shield and costume to the crackles of blue electricity he stands upon, this Captain America with Mjolnir Funko Pop has a lot of lovely detail.