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Wizards offers free rainbow DnD Beyond dice for Pride

Wizards of the Coast celebrates Pride Month by offering digital Dungeons and Dragons players a set of free rainbow DnD Beyond dice.

Three pride DnD Beyond dice

Wizards of the Coast is once again giving away free DnD Beyond dice to celebrate Pride month. These digital DnD dice are known as the Dice of True Color, and they were created by designer Lee Emig. “This digital dice set was hewn from geodes formed under intense heat and pressure”, Wizards of the Coast says in the dice’s description. “Inside, you’ll find gleaming colors that delight.”

The dice’s description also sheds some light on why the dice were made. “Tabletop roleplaying games can serve as a sanctuary for players and as an avenue through which we can discover what makes us uniquely amazing”, Wizards of the Coast writes. “To celebrate Pride Month, D&D Beyond is rereleasing the Dice of True Color to all account holders.”

A full set of Pride DnD Beyond dice

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