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New BuzzFeed DnD series stars a queer, all-female cast

Remember BuzzFeed? The internet media giant has announced a new Dungeons and Dragons series, with the first episode dropping on May 31.

DnD Buzzfeed Magic and Stuff - photo of a pink Dungeons and Dragons d20

BuzzFeed, queen of the internet personality quiz, will release the first episode of its new Dungeons and Dragons actual play series on May 31. ‘Magic and Stuff’ features an “all queer female-identifying cast with diverse voices and varying levels of experience”, plus Dimension 20’s Jasmine ‘ThatBronzeGirl’ Bhullar in the DM’s chair. A press release from Friday confirms that the show will release weekly on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Based on BuzzFeed’s press release, this series’ target audience is Dungeons and Dragons newbies. Its eight episodes will be just 30 minutes long – a far cry from the lengthy streams of Critical Role, but a trend we’ve seen increasingly often. Another recent series, Matthew Lillard’s Faster Purple Worm, Kill! Kill! chose a similar approach.

“A breath of fresh air in a genre that can feature hours-long unedited content that can be intimidating for newcomers, each episode will include epic animations and gameplay tips sprinkled throughout”, BuzzFeed adds. “These fun character moments and cool action sequences enhance watchability and accessibility for those uninitiated to D&D.”

The rest of the cast appear to be BuzzFeed alumni – animators Meredith Kesh and Elizabeth Gottlieb are joined by BuzzFeed Animation Lab project manager Elisabeth Riley, as well as BuzzFeed News’ drag reporter Syzygy. Kesh will play a demon Paladin “who gives great hugs”, and Gottlieb is a Sorcerer confusingly named ‘Ikky the Wizard’. Riley will be a Rogue vampire, while Syzygy plays “Mrs. Readings, a human Bard ‘grandmother’ – just don’t ask where her ex-husbands went”.

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