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Dwellings of Eldervale board game third printing pushed back

Worker placement board game Dwellings of Eldervale is waiting for its third printing to ship, but publisher Breaking Games says copies are still out there

Dwellings of Eldervale third printing pre-order delay - game art of a warrior wearing a deer skull helmet

Board game publisher Breaking Games announced on October 20 that pre-orders for the third printing of Dwellings of Eldervale is being delayed. A previous newsletter from Breaking Games promised pre-orders would open on October 24, but its most recent newsletter suspended the launch.

“Getting copies of the second printing games to retailers in the US and Canada that are working with our chosen distributor has gone slower than anticipated”, says Breaking Games. “We are pausing the start of the third printing pre-order to allow more time for those copies to come available.” “It’s a really bad look for us if we appear to be taking potential sales from our retail partners just days before they get their copies”, the publisher adds.

Despite the delay, Breaking Games assures fans of the fantasy worker placement game that copies would be available from retailers within a few months. “Please check with your local game store and online retailers”, the newsletter says. “Over the next four to six weeks, copies will be coming available. You may be able to get a copy much sooner than the third printing.”

“Please know that the large majority of the second printing standard base games have gone into distribution and are being sold by retailers across the globe”, Breaking Games adds. “US and Canadian retailers should be getting their copies as you read this – check with your local game store and online game stores today.”

Breaking Games apologies for the delay, saying a new pre-order date will be announced in a future newsletter.

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