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Frogs with Shotguns is a board game about frogs with shotguns

An indie tabletop developer has released Frogs with Shotguns, a print-and-play board game that features (you guessed it) frogs with shotguns.

Frogs with Shotfuns board game released - frog character sheets by Odd Gob Games

On April 17, indie tabletop creator Odd Gob Games has released Frogs with Shotguns, a print-and-play board game that does exactly what it says on the tin. Four players become armed amphibians who compete to claim a Golden Fly amidst “a frenzy of ribbits and bullets”.

Each turn apparently must start with a “ribbit”. This doesn’t seem to be a mechanic but a command that you make frog noises before you play your turn. Once vocalisations are out of the way, you roll two six-sided dice, assigning one as your leap move and the other as your attack.

Frogs with Shotfuns board game released - board and tokens by Odd Gob Games

Frogs will be hopping all over the place, dodging shotgun blasts and trying to bring the Golden Fly token back to their corner of the Swamp in order to win. There are four frenzied frogs to choose from, each with a unique ability. ‘Rangr’ gets +1 to their blast ability; ‘Jestr’ can move through an obstacle; ‘Hazrd’ gets +1 to their leap; and ‘Wizrd’ can blast right through an obstacle.

The game is available on Itch.io for $8 (£6.44). The game’s board, character sheets, and tokens are available to print in both colour and black-and-white, and virtual tabletop versions are also included.

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Images in this article are from Odd Gob Games’ Twitter account.