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Hearts of Iron 4 DLC By Blood Alone announced

The next HOI4 DLC Blood Alone “explores new alternate histories” for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland when it releases later this year

Hearts of Iron 4 DLC Blood Alone - a multicoloured map of Europe covered in red flags, with a 'contested bid' pop-up screen on top

On Tuesday, June 7, videogame publisher Paradox Interactive announced the next Hearts of Iron 4 DLC. HOI4 By Blood Alone will reportedly “explore new alternate histories for Italy and Ethiopia, as well as one of the leading neutral powers, Switzerland”. A Paradox press release says the WW2 game‘s expansion will be available “later this year”, and “it will be accompanied by a major update free for all Hearts of Iron 4 players”.

HOI4 By Blood Alone promises “new paths and potential for some defining conflicts of the wartime era”. The press release also promises a variety of new features – including focus trees for Italy, Ethiopia, and Switzerland. New peace conference options allow you to demilitarise map zones or entire nations, and an aircraft designer feature means you can design and build your own planes.

According to the press release, By Blood Alone also includes unit medals to track a division’s performance and embargo interactions to disrupt enemy trade. 20 new pieces of unit art have been promised, as well as 67 new plane models and 12 new music tracks.

You can watch the DLC’s trailer here:

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