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Iconic 1990s fantasy board game HeroQuest is 36% off

If you've never played the classic adventure board game, HeroQuest, make today the day you buy it, as you can currently get it at 36% off.

HeroQuest pieces on the board.

The 1980s were a great time for fantasy fans, in everything from movies to novels, but few board games captured the essence of the decade like HeroQuest. Originally released in 1989, this iconic miniature-based tabletop game received a number of expansions up until 1992, but then – nothing. Luckily, for those who missed the fun the first time around, HeroQuest was re-released late last year, and now, you can get it at 36% off.

Warhammer fans in particular may get a kick out of rediscovering this retro classic, as it was originally developed by Milton Bradley in a collaboration with Games Workshop. Complete with over 60 miniatures, including heroes, monsters, and even furniture to navigate, the game offers a 3D adventure through a series of dungeons and culminates in a dramatic showdown with the sorcerer Zargon.

So what is the game? Well, you’ve got a standard game board on which you can build different maps using various environmental pieces. Then there’s the above-mentioned miniatures, representing the players and the enemies, and a book of 14 scenarios for up to six players to enjoy.

For those who love to control the action as a dungeon master, it’s also a game for which you can design your own scenarios.You could even come up with your own HeroQuest story campaign – but if that’s not your cup of tea, you’ll still get countless hours out of HeroQuest.

Buy now

If you’re shopping in the US, the discount on Amazon brings the price down to $86.61. But don’t worry, UK citizens, you don’t have to miss out – you can get the game from Magic Madhouse, where it’s available at just £78.91.

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