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Secret Hitler meets Hitchcock in Hollywood 1947 board game

New Kickstarter project Hollywood 1947 is a social deduction board game that's a mash-up of Secret Hitler and your favourite Golden Age movies

Hollywood 1947 board game tokens

Secret Hitler meets the silver screen in Hollywood 1947, a new social deduction board game currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Launched on January 17 by Facade Games, the game is set in Hollywood’s Golden Age. Assigned a patriot, communist, or rising star role, players compete to influence the political propaganda of film productions while trying to sniff out who among them is their enemy.

If you’ve played social deduction games like Avalon or Secret Hitler before, you’ll be familiar with the setup of Hollywood 1947. A film poster is revealed for each round, and players secretly add to a card pool to influence whether the production will have patriotic or communist undertones. Patriots and communists win by being the first to create four films aligned with their politics, while the rising stars want to play both teams and end the game with a draw.

The base pledge for Hollywood 1947 costs $27 / £22, and it includes the standard game, a ‘costumes’ expansion pack, and any stretch goals unlocked. Pledging $44 / £36 unlocked higher-quality components and some additional content, such as exclusive job roles for players.

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Facade Games is an Ohio-based publisher that began developing games in 2015. So far, most of its titles have been part of the ‘Dark Cities’ series, a collection of board games set in various historical periods. Each game has an element of secrecy and conspiracy, and they all come packaged in unique boxes that look like leather-bound books.

For fans who fancy a literal library of hidden role games, Facade Games offers some high-end Kickstarter pledges. $74 / £61 nabs you Hollywood 1947, plus one other Dark Cities game of your choice: Bristol 1350, Salem 1692, Tortuga 1667, or Deadwood 1876. All the games are available for a pledge of $129 / £106, along with an index book box for storing additional components.

Hollywoof 1947 board game cards

Find out more about Hollywood 1947 on the Kickstarter page.

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