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Lego Fortnite tries to be everything kids like, all at once

Epic Games partners with Lego to launch Lego Fortnite, a Minecraft-like survival-crafting game that’s free to play on all Fortnite platforms.

Lego Fortnite trailer image of a female character

Kids like Lego, right? And Fortnite? And Minecraft? Well, that’s good news for Epic Games, who just launched survival-crafting Minecraft rival Lego Fortnite. This is a game inside a game, which is available to play inside of Fortnite as of December 7.

Fortnite may be best known as an online shooter, but back in the day (the late 2010s) it was as much about building and crafting as it was shooting. ‘Battle Royale’ mode soon usurped ‘Save the World’ in popularity, but Fortnite has long been a game that offers multiple modes of play.

Fortnite’s Lego tie-in is an official, substantial game released ‘inside’ Fortnite (meaning you boot up your copy of Fortnite to start playing). It’s a free-to-play multiplayer game where up to eight players control custom Lego minifigures, using them to craft, battle, and explore in a Fortnite-themed world.

Here’s a Lego Fortnite trailer that shows you what gameplay can look like:

YouTube Thumbnail

You can explore caverns and battle skeletons in Survival mode, or you can build safely without the threat of ambush in Sandbox mode. It seems like anything you can do in Minecraft can be done here.

Of course, you can also play Fortnite’s existing game modes, all in one place (let’s see Minecraft do that). Plus, Epic has two more free-to-play tie-ins launching this week, too. According to The Verge, the creators of Rocket League will co-launch Rocket Racing in Fortnite on December 8, and the creators of Guitar Hero bring Fortnite Festival to the game on December 9.

All we need now is a Five Nights at Freddy’s tie-in, and we’ll have covered all the big gaming trends for the young and hip.

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