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Pathfinder maker Paizo announces drafting tile board game

Paizo, publisher of tabletop RPGs Pathfinder 2e and Starfinder, announce the Pathfinder Elemental Stones board game, to release in October 2023.

Pathfinder Elemental Stones board game box (image from Paizo)

Pathfinder and Starfinder publisher Paizo has announced its “first board game designed by Paizo staff in more than a decade”, Wargamer can reveal. Pathfinder: Elemental Stones is one part drafting game and one part tile game. It’s set to release in October 2023, and the product page goes live later today, on Thursday March 30.

The newly announced title ties into the upcoming Pathfinder book, Rage of Elements. Elemental Stones allows two to four players to become elemental sovereigns, each with their own secret objective. Players take turns drafting and playing colourful tiles to create patterns that help them achieve their goals. From this description, we’re picturing something a little like Azul, one of the best board games around right now.

According to Paizo, each game takes around 30 minutes, and it’s the ideal length for squeezing in around a Pathfinder RPG game. The box includes 90 colour-blind-friendly plastic hexagons and a drawstring cloth bag for storage. Elemental Stones will be available for $39.99.

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