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Find the latest PC gaming news on PCGamesN’s brand new Overwolf app

Stay up-to-date on the latest gaming stories with PCGamesN's new Overwolf app

Wargamer’s favoured terrain is the tabletop. We love filling you in on wargames like Warhammer 40k and Bolt Action, the best board games, the hottest trading card games, and any other flavour of tactile fun that has entered our viewfinders. But we’ve PC games in our DNA, too – especially if they involve a healthy dollop of strategy and emergent storytelling. We know a goodly portion of you fine folks love PC gaming, so we thought we’d make you aware of the splendid new PC Games News app for Overwolf, published by our friends over at PCGamesN.

The app runs in the background, but will spring to life whenever you boot up an Overwolf-supported game. Scouring the databanks at PCGN HQ for all of that particular game’s latest news, it’ll serve up a nice plate of the hottest stories, ready for you to read at your convenience. Even better, the PC Games News app will notify you when the latest story hits the press, so you can stay in the loop even as you play.

The app runs on both single screens, and dual-monitor setups, so no matter your desktop configuration, you’ll be able to stay up-to-date. With support for titles including World of Tanks, Magic: The Gathering Arena, Path of Exile, CS:GO, and more, you can manage your mods, capture gameplay highlights, and keep on top of your stats, while reading the best stories straight from the PCGamesN newsdesk.

If the name Overwolf isn’t ringing any bells, it’s a free-to-use, PC platform, that offers companion app support for a variety of popular gaming titles.

The PC Games News app is free to download right now. It’s available as an individual download (if you’re already an avid Overwolf user), or can be downloaded alongside Overwolf on the appstore, if you’re new to the platform. And don’t worry about your hardware. The app’s been designed as a low impact bit of kit, and won’t put any undue strain on your CPU.

Find all the latest PC gaming news on the companion app today.